Kids and Watermelons

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Kids and Watermelons - Pittsburgh Child Photographer What comes to mind when you think of summer?  Maybe family walks, children playing outdoors, jogging with a baby, visiting friends, family picnics, going swimming, or a neighborhood BBQ? Or maybe even eating watermelons? The Flourish Academny hosts a monthly camera club open to all Pittsburgh area photographers. I enjoy attending the monthly meetings to meet other Pittsburgh photographers, catch up with friends and photograph at the beautiful homestead location where camera club meets. Recently I had the privilege of photographing adorable children eating watermelons. They were having a lot of fun, and so was I. It was so enjoyable that I thought it would be a good subject for the blog. 10 Reasons to Love Watermelons Keep cool | Watermelon is 92% water making it perfect for refreshment on a hot day or refueling after a workout. 2. Health Benefits | Watermelons contain Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps boost your immunity and  vitamin B6 for brain development during pregnancy and infancy. 3. Skin…

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Turmeric Face Mask

a fun afternoon of making turmeric face wash and sharing laughs Turmeric Face Mask I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has experienced the crushing blow of a deflated, deformed, and disgusting D.I.Y. face-mask gone wrong. Standing over the kitchen sink, watching your expensive ingredients drip down the drain is certainly enough of a fail to startle even the most diligent natural beauty guru. Luckily, this week I underwent a major breakthrough in my face mask skills. With no further ado, I introduce the Turmeric Face Mask. Now don’t shy away from this unusual spice. The antibacterial properties of turmeric aid in acne treatment, and its anti inflammatory properties are sure to make your skin radiate of health, not blemishes. For this simple recipe, I combined yogurt, raw honey, and of course, turmeric. I usually am pretty insouciant towards strict measurements, and added as much as I deemed fit.…

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What to Wear for Family Photos – 10 Tips for Choosing Outfits

When planning a family photo shoot, it can be challenging to find the balance between clothing that looks nice and clothing that looks natural. Check out this guide to learn more about what to wear for family photos. 1. Where do I even start to find the right outfits for my family?   Start with your favorite outfit then continue adding outfits that coordinate with it.  2. What colors photograph best?  I recommend versions of primary colors, like mustard, maroon, brick, navy and royal. Try to avoid fluorescent colors because of the unflattering color casts and the harsh color. Also avoid green in outdoor sessions in the summer, it's just too much green.  3. What style clothing should we wear? Wear what matches your personality and feels comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes it will be noticeable in the portraits. Do you prefer dresses or leggings? Love boots, heels, wedges or sandals? Men, do you prefer button downs or t-shirts?…

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Family Spotlight – At Home Family Portraits

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An at Home Family Session in Mt. Lebanon As a Pittsburgh family photographer I love getting to meet new families. It's always exciting to be invited into people's homes for at home portrait sessions. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best light and figuring out how to best show off the house as well as the family that has made a house into a home. This family was ready for anything. I love that! We started our session in the nursery, next we headed downstairs to the living room and dinning room and finished up outside in their beautiful backyard. How did you and your spouse meet? We were set up by friends - a blind date!How many children are in your family?We have one child.Are you from Pittsburgh? Liz is from Pittsburgh and Ed is from Boston. What are your family's favorite books?Our family's favorite books are Guess How Much I Love…

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Senior Spotlight – Portraits on the North Shore

As a Pittsburgh senior photographer I get the opportunity to meet a lot of seniors and photograph them around Pittsburgh. During this particual senior session, we had a great time exploring the North Shore. I was surprised when we talked that we have a lot in common. We both rowed on our school's crew team and went to Germany as part of a foreign exchange program for high school students. Technically, I studied near Vienna in Austria but visited Bavaria during the trip while she will go to Cologne this summer! Are you from Pittsburgh? I was born in Philadelphia and moved to Pittsburgh when I was four. Where is the best place to eat in Pittsburgh and what do you eat there? Waffles Incaffeinated has the best breakfast food in all of Pittsburgh. When I go, I order the Breakfast Magic Waffle! What is the best thing about your high…

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Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day Today is Take Your Child to Work Day. As I was waking up this morning, I was excited to work with both of my parents today. In the morning I worked with my mom and with my dad in the afternoon. I already know what it is like to go on a photoshoot with my mom. Sometimes she hires me to assist her and she has taken lots of photos of my sisters and me. Being an assistant gave me an idea what it's like to be a photographer, but today I learned even more. My dad is a tax accountant. I know he works long hours and he is very smart. I have gone with him to Bayer before, but today, I'm going to work with him from home. This morning my mom took pictures of me and I took pictures of my mom.…

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Ella & Tutu – A Snowy Day

Ella & Tutu: A Snowy Day Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photos by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Child Photographer. This morning Ella and Tutu woke up to a wondrous surprise. As they gaze out the window all they can view are the millions of snowflakes  that have coated the frigid ground. So Ella dresses in her fuzzy pink Uggs and woolen cap and heads outside to play. It is quite chilly so the two snuggle close as they admire the pretty scene before them. As Ella shivers, Tutu decides to crack a joke. She giggles and claims, "Are you a snowflake... because you are one-of-a-kind." Immediately Ella begins cracking up. With a smile on her face, she proposes that the two friends head home. Safely inside, Ella and Tutu snuggle up close and watch the snowflakes shimmer in the light and slowly cascade down into the front yard. Next, Ella…

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Family Adventure Awaits in Norway – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Family Adventure Awaits in Norway In August, our family flew to Bergen, in western Norway.  Our first two days were restful. We arrived, went grocery shopping, hung around our AirBnB and went shopping for wool sweaters at the Dale of Norway Outlet. We stayed in a beautiful home in Stanghelle. I loved the modern white and light gray space with rustic accents. We had a couple meals on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful view. We would have loved to have had more but it was often cold and drizzly. When in Norway, one must try new food! We tried vanilla sauce, brown cheese (gzdrandsdalsost), Freia chocolate and bread that we could bake at home to enjoy fresh from the oven. Everything was delicious! The kids didn't enjoy the brown cheese but I did! I wish it was available here in Pittsburgh. Stanghelle is a village located between Bergen and the fjords. In the Dale of Norway Outlet, we saw the sweaters that the Norwegian Olympic…

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Ella & Tutu Visit Norway

Ella & Tutu Visit Norway Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photos by Laura Mares.(Originally posted September 2017)This week Ella and Tutu are vacationing in the majestic Fjords of western Norway. Tutu is excited for the plane ride! Ella discovers that she can lay down across two seats and decides to catch some shut eye. When the dreams come to an end, the sleepy-eyed friends awaken in the air above Norwegian islands. Ella & Tutu Visit Norway Soon, they brace for the rough landing. However, when they get off the plane they are no longer in America but Norway! Mommy suggests that they stop for some food at the local grocery store, and starving Ella readily agrees! She and Tutu take command of the cart as they zip around the store, crafting a dinner for the family. Tutu recommends her favorite Scandinavian crackers, for she would know! She was here last year, during her…

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Ella and Tutu – A Very Special Gift

Ella & Tutu: A Very Special Gift My two year old daughter's favorite book is "Kiki and Coco in Paris." The book is full of beautiful photographs of a girl and her rag doll on a trip to Paris. Ella asks us to read it everyday. When I mentioned the book to my creative and talented friend, Lenna, she thought she and her mother could make a doll just for Ella. Last weekend Lenna came to visit and had a very special gift that exceeded our wildest expectations! I'm sure you'll agree. This summer my oldest daughter is going to write some stories about Ella and Tutu and their summer adventures. What was a special gift you received as a child? I'd love to hear your comments below. - Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photography by Laura Mares. Ella was playing on the big green swing when Mommy called…

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