7 Simple Steps for Planning your Lifestyle Photoshoot

7 Simple Steps for Planning your Lifestyle Photoshoot  Whether you’ve scheduled your Lifestyle Session or are deciding whether it’s the best choice for you and your family, take the time to read through the main tips that will make your lifestyle photo session a success!   1. Choose the Right Space  When deciding which rooms to use during the lifestyle photo session, it’s best to consider which rooms have the best lighting. I always use natural lighting, and have noticed that most homes have the best sunlight in the morning. You should consider which rooms will photograph the best. Try to choose a space that will only require light cleaning or preparation ahead of time. Lastly, also consider which room you will use based on what space has the best memories surrounding it. Perhaps your family loves cooking together and the kitchen would be the perfect spot! Or maybe you love…

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Who to Invite to Your Senior Photo Session

Who to Invite to Your Senior Photo Session  Choosing who to invite to your session photo session is an important choice! This blog post helps you decide who to invite, as well as some potential posing ideas.  Surprise your biggest fan and invite your mom to take pictures with you!  I always recommend bringing a parent to help during the session. They are so helpful with holding accessories and making seniors laugh! However, you might want to invite your mom or dad to be in some pictures with you! As a mom, I always cherish taking pictures with my children. So, I know that I would love if any of my children included me for a couple pictures during their senior photo sessions! I first got this idea when one of my clients, Bella, invited her mom along during the session and they even got some adorable pictures together. See photo posted…

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5 Things I’ve Learned about Frank Lloyd Wright

5 Things I've Learned about Frank Lloyd Wright When my mom, daughter and I had an unexpected free weekend in March, we decided to visit the four Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the Laurel Highlands. We visited Polymath Park, featuring the Duncan and Mäntylä Houses, Fallingwater, built for the Kaufmann family in 1939, and Kentuck Knob, built for the Hagan's in 1956. In addition to exploring the homes we also had time to grab a delicious bite to eat at Treetops in Polymath Park. At the time of our visit, it was possible to tour each of the houses with the exception of Fallingwater due to COVID restrictions. At Fallingwater it was only possible to explore the grounds and around the outside of the home. The Duncan House 1. Usonian Usonian comes from USONA or United States of North America. Usonian homes are sophisticated yet simple. These houses typically feature native…

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Senior Location Series: Frick Park

Senior Location Series: Frick Park  The next spotlight location for the senior photo location series is the gorgeous Frick Park! It’s a perfect place for seniors looking for a fabulous mix of rustic vibes, princess forests, old-timey greenhouses, and bohemian flower patches. It is gorgeous throughout the year and I have especially enjoyed exploring the area this spring time due to all the fresh flower blooms!  While I have photographed seniors in a wide variety of locations around Pittsburgh, today we’ll explore highlights of having your senior pictures captured at Frick Park.  Bridge over a Creek  I am IN LOVE with this spot! It feels like such a wonderful enclave, as the trees almost frame the little walk way. It’s the perfect spot for those of my seniors who love nature and exploring in the outdoors! The wood frame is so unique and unlike any location I normally see in the…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

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At my newborn studio sessions, you can expect to have a fun and relaxed experience. When you enter my peaceful, little greenhouse home studio, you'll hear music streaming, smell lavender diffusing, and you are welcome to sip a cappuccino. We will focus on capturing beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, and we'll also have plenty of time to get to know each other! At a recent newborn session, I had the chance to meet this super sweet couple. I loved hearing how they met! Although they lived only a couple minutes from each other, they said they never would have met if they hadn't been matched online. Since the first advertisement I heard for match.com, I've been so curious if my husband and I would have been matched! Once, I even tried to talk him into taking a survey to see if we would have matched online! I'm super impressed because…

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Questions to Ask Yourself before your Couple Photography Session

Questions to Ask Yourself before your Couple Photography Session  Since preparing for your couple photography session may appear daunting, I created a list of questions to ask yourself before your session! Endless Pinterest boards, adorable Instagram inspiration, and cute pics from your best friend’s engagement shoot might all seem like amazing choices... almost too amazing to choose one! These questions should be a helpful starting point to narrow down and focus your choices so that you and your loved one can best capture your unique relationship in the most meaningful way possible. Authentic emotion and raw moments are the first priority when it comes to your upcoming session.  What story or emotion do you want to display?  This question is the perfect place to start, as you and your partner work to determine what the central theme of your session will be. A great jumping off point is brainstorming your story…

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Classic, Simple, Natural Newborn Photography

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I was always taught that newborn photographers had to create specific poses of babies wearing adorable outfits, on colorful backdrops in unique props. So I studied with a famous newborn photographer that specialized in posing babies to learn how to safely put newborn babies into classic poses. However I wasn’t creatively fulfilled, something was missing. While my newborn work looked beautiful, it lacked the authenticity and emotion that I capture during my lifestyle sessions. Now I aim to capture the love a newborn’s parents feel and the details that make newborn babies truly unique with classic, simple, natural newborn photography. Natural Newborn Sessions are Relaxed + Fun Natural newborn sessions feel relaxed for both parents and babies. A newborn yearns to be comfy, full, warm and close to mom and dad. A low-stress environment allows for the best photo outcomes. Instead of worrying about the perfect sleeping pose, we catch your…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Sometimes the stars align and you meet a wonderful, laid-back, snuggly family in a stunningly renovated historic Pittsburgh home. Combining an incredible family, a beautiful baby, modern Bohemian decor and a sweet Siberian husky would bring joy to any lifestyle photographer. This lifestyle newborn session was a dream shoot from beginning to end! Between shots we talked about everything from living in Pittsburgh, our dogs and job and her pampas grass. It was during this shoot that I realized I needed pampas grass to add to my Bohemian Studio! Although it's not easy to find, I finally found some at Mt. Lebanon Floral. I believe the best thing about having your newborn session in the comfort of your own home is personalization. In addition to photographing your sweet newborn, your home is featured as well! Honestly the size or decor of your home don't matter as much as remembering where you…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Katie and Morgan warmly welcomed me into their historic and picturesque home on a cold winter morning. I enjoyed touring their beautifully decorated space looking for the best locations and lighting to capture this loving family. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about their lives and travels during the lifestyle photo shoot. As I was leaving I caught a glance at a witch above their kitchen sink. It reminded me of a witch my husband and I had received as a wedding gift from a friend that lives in the south. I was so curious about it. We laughed and googled to learn that it is a German tradition and she brings good luck to your home. I'm now curious how common kitchen witches are. Let me know if you have one too in the comments below. I hope you enjoy hearing Katie and Morgan story! How did you two meet? I was…

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Let Your Personality Shine – Pittsburgh Senior Photographer

Let Your Personality Shine Through Senior Portraits  Sadly, I find it’s all too common that senior portraits tend to be viewed as a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all experience. Part of my mission as a Pittsburgh senior photographer is to provide the best portraits that reflect different aspects of my client’s personality! So, for this blog post, I’m detailing everything from locations, outfits, to hairstyles to help you decide the best direction to take during your senior photo session!  Location Categories I often categorize location possibilities under narrower categories such as urban, outdoor, European architecture, and studio! Although, to be honest, the possibilities are wide-open! Urban Senior Photo Location Do you describe yourself as a mover-and-shaker who’s going places and loves the city of Pittsburgh? An urban location might be for you!  Pittsburgh, the City of Bridges, is your backdrop! Some of my favorite urban spots in Pittsburgh are the North Shore and Golden…

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