Modern Newborn Studio Photography

For years I have captured natural posing for families, children, and high school seniors resulting in images that look candid and relaxed. I want to bring this same philosophy to my newborn studio portraits! My approach to studio photography has always been much more modern than the rigid over lit photos from the past. I aim to capture your newborn as they are, let their personality shine to create simple studio newborn portraits! When in the studio, your baby and your family are the focus…. not the location or the background. My goal is to create images that will stand the test of time.  A modern twist on a classic look! Baby Led Posing In the studio, I aim to create a comfortable environment for your baby to curl up, stretch out, or possibly even smile. I love documenting babies unique details and personalities. I have found that the best way…

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12 Must Haves for Your Bohemian Studio

12 Must Haves for Your Bohemian Studio  I redesigned my home photography studio into a bohemian inspired studio last month and let me say, it was quite the undertaking! Months of thinking, planning and researching culminated into a final product I’m ecstatic about! While searching for a helpful blog post for some studio inspo, though, I wasn’t able to find anything I loved! So, I decided to create my own blog post to inspire others looking to create an inviting space with comfortable seating, rattan, interesting textures, and house plants. 1. Dried Flowers Perks of having Bohemian in-laws is that I get the inside scoop on interior design tactics. One of my all-time favorite aspects of Bohemian homes are their dried flowers. I enjoy the calming aroma of dried lavender, as well as the aesthetic appeal of dried bouquets on windows or doors. You can buy dried blooms from your local…

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Laura Mares Photography Awarded Best Portrait Photographer in Pittsburgh

Laura Mares Photography Awarded Best Portrait Photographer in Pittsburgh It's an honor to share that Expertise has included me on the 2020 list of the 22 best portrait photographers in Pittsburgh, PA. Many thanks to Expertise for including Laura Mares Photography on their list in an artsy city with so such talent!  I strive to make my clients feel at ease and confident during our time together. I love capturing portraits, but I also love photographing each aspect of what makes an individual uniquely beautiful: A senior girl picking flowers, a child snuggling with her parents, a business owner looking to update his/her profile/instagram images. An experience - that's what I strive to provide my clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a high school senior, a family with a newborn or excited kiddos and a dog or two in need of timeless, heirloom portraits - I promise to give you a fun…

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What to Expect at Your Lifestyle Studio Newborn Session!

What to Expect at Your Lifestyle Studio Newborn Session! Mi casa es su casa takes on a new meeting during lifestyle studio sessions! I love styling my studio to emulate homey vibes and with a detail oriented one-hour cleaning session before and after the shoot, there is no reason not to book soon! As we transition into a time of photoshoots in this new season, I wanted to take the time to give you an in-depth explanation on what to expect during a Lifestyle Newborn Session in the studio in order to alleviate as much stress as possible and to maintain an overly cautious atmosphere!  We can start off covering my routine for cleaning the studio before, during and after the shoot. Next, I’d love to walk you through the most popular props I use during a shoot and the overall flow of the session.  First, you enter the studio and…

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Newborn Session Interview – Pittsburgh Photographer

During quarantine I had the opportunity to revamp the studio with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, update the floor, and new props. It was finished just days before I received an email requesting a newborn lifestyle shoot in the studio from a super sweet new mom. It was a wonderful experience photographing a newborn again, even if I needed to wear a mask and stay at a distance! How did you and your spouse meet? Bryon and I met at the gym while attending the University of Pittsburgh. What was your baby's height and weight at birth? Our newborn is 20 inches and 6lbs 15oz. Describe how your life has changed once you brought home your newborn baby. Our life has completely changed for the better! Bryon and I had been anxiously waiting 9 months to bring our little miracle into the world. While we are no longer…

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Corona Virus Practices

Corona Virus: Practices We are all in this together. During the COVID-19 pandemic season, we all need to take special precautions to keep our friends and family safe. Please check out the Laura Mares Photography Studio cleaning guidelines for studio sessions below. The studio will be available for up to 2 studio sessions a week with a minimum of 24 hours between sessions to allow for proper cleaning. We will be social distancing during sessions, 6 feet during outdoor sessions and 3 feet in the studio. Please bring only family members that will be photographed to studio. Please note that only one immediate family member should attend a senior or child portrait session. Temperature Checks Temperature checks for photographer and clients (including each family member to be photographed) the evening before the session. If any family member has a fever exceeding 100.4 degrees we will reschedule your session. Consider the following…

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Maternity + Newborn Spotlight – Pittsburgh Photographer

Today on the blog I'm excited to feature a family that recently moved to Pittsburgh. We got together for a maternity session, a posed newborn session and a lifestyle session at home with the whole family. We had fun and got creative every time we got together!

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Newborn Spotlight – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

A few months ago I met an amazing couple at their maternity session. We met in mid-December at sunset at Mt. Lebanon Park. They are successful small business owners with big hearts. I immediately began looking forward to seeing them again at their daughter's newborn session. I asked if I could interview this new mom about her experience of having her first newborn baby. Wait until you see this baby's dad's super artful tattoos below! - Laura Are you from Pittsburgh? Yes, I'm from Pittsburgh. What was your baby's height and weight at birth? She was 7 pounds 5 ounces. Where did you deliver? Who delivered your baby? I delivered at Magee Women’s Hospital. Dr. Roland delivered our baby girl. Tell me a little about your experience during the delivery. We had the best experience. The L&D nurses were the best! Pretty long delivery (25.5 hrs) I was terrified since it was my…

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