The Story Behind the Highlander Cow Portrait

Let me introduce you to Argyle. He placed in the Best of the Best of the 2019 Shot & Share Contest. Photographers are always looking everywhere for the next “perfect photo” opportunity. I am always looking at the direction of light, people's expressions and connections and/or wondering what would be the best angle to photograph someone or something. Our family vacations are no different. This past summer we took photographs of the train traveling through the Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. I also took photographs of my children dancing in front of Castle Fraser and looking for the Loch Ness Monster near Urquhart Castle. After climbing a muddy mountainside (in Birkenstocks) I had just enough time to take a quick selfie before the train arrived. We even hired a professional photographer, Natalia Swiader to take photos of our family exploring Circus Lane and Dean Village in Edinburgh.  All the while…

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Our Family’s Favorite Paleo Desserts

If your family is anything like my family, your children (and you) don't want to give up all snacks and deserts. Although most nutritionists say giving up white sugar and white flour can make your family healthy, that is easier said than done! However, with a little change in your lifestyle, you can adapt your taste buds! Here are four recipes my family loves. I've included a couple photographs of course. Let me know if you try any of these in the comments below! I hope to hear from you.

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Our Family’s Favorite Recipes: Scotland Edition

Our Family's Favorite Recipes: Scotland Edition While in Scotland, we enjoyed treating ourselves to the many delicacies the UK has to offer! Some of our favorites were fresh scones with clotted cream, Scotch pies, fish & chips and Glenlivet Whiskey! One aspect of travel that we always look forward to when leaving Pittsburgh is experiencing the new flavors and foods. I find joy in discovering small, hidden away cafes. I look for stores that truly reflect a nation and its people. I really respect how Europe has maintained their love of small, specialized establishments that sell only the finest and highest quality items. The kids and I enjoyed a delicious tea on the Isle of Iona (while my husband swam in the very cold Atlantic Ocean.) Here is a list of some of the coolest (and weirdest) Scottish foods out there! Haggis: A savory pudding containing sheep’s heart, liver and lungs…

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Mares Family Portraits in Edinburgh

Mares Family Portraits with Natalia Swiader My family loves to travel! We travel as often as we can to visit my husband's family in the Czech Republic. This year we stopped in Scotland on our way back to Pittsburgh. We love visiting places we've never been before to meet new people, explore new places and try the traditional foods. As a family photographer, I value family portraits. While planning our trip to Scotland, I searched for a talented family photographer and luckily found Natalia Swiader Photography! Natalia is an up and coming wedding and portrait photographer in Edinburgh, originally from Poland, who has a passion for creating beautiful portraits. Natalia is very kind and friendly, we had a wonderful experience that became one of our highlights from our vacation in Scotland. We met Natalia on Edinburgh's beautiful Circus Lane for a sunset photo shoot. It may be the most picturesque street…

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Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day Today is Take Your Child to Work Day. As I was waking up this morning, I was excited to work with both of my parents today. In the morning I worked with my mom and with my dad in the afternoon. I already know what it is like to go on a photoshoot with my mom. Sometimes she hires me to assist her and she has taken lots of photos of my sisters and me. Being an assistant gave me an idea what it's like to be a photographer, but today I learned even more. My dad is a tax accountant. I know he works long hours and he is very smart. I have gone with him to Bayer before, but today, I'm going to work with him from home. This morning my mom took pictures of me and I took pictures of my mom.…

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Family Adventure Awaits in Norway – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Family Adventure Awaits in Norway In August, our family flew to Bergen, in western Norway.  Our first two days were restful. We arrived, went grocery shopping, hung around our AirBnB and went shopping for wool sweaters at the Dale of Norway Outlet. We stayed in a beautiful home in Stanghelle. I loved the modern white and light gray space with rustic accents. We had a couple meals on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful view. We would have loved to have had more but it was often cold and drizzly. When in Norway, one must try new food! We tried vanilla sauce, brown cheese (gzdrandsdalsost), Freia chocolate and bread that we could bake at home to enjoy fresh from the oven. Everything was delicious! The kids didn't enjoy the brown cheese but I did! I wish it was available here in Pittsburgh. Stanghelle is a village located between Bergen and the fjords. In the Dale of Norway Outlet, we saw the sweaters that the Norwegian Olympic…

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