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It's a joy to watch children grow from year to year between their photo sessions. Check out a couple of my favorites from past photo sessions at the end of the interview. What kind of Christmas traditions does your family enjoy? We have started elf on the shelf (snowflake) and watch lots of Christmas movies all December. This year we watched Christmas Vacation, The Polar Express, Elf, Frosty, Rudolph, and Charlie Browns Christmas! What kind of toys would your children like to receive as gifts? We enjoy giving our children educational gifts or experiences. What kinds of decorations do you put up your home? This year I decided to buy a 12 foot artificial tree. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal except I failed to anticipate how heavy it would be to put up. So Neil has to help on that one! What kind of ornaments do you put on…

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Ella and Tutu in Prague

Ella and Tutu are spending their day in the most beautiful city of the world, Prague. The two are very excited, and Tutu is jumping and spinnning for joy! The friends have visited Prague a few times before, but this trip will be different because they are adding new stops to the agenda... they want to visit their dear friend, buy a new souvenir, see Strahov Library, and have a fancy beverage at a restaurant overseeing the city of Prague. The two enjoy the beautiful Charles Bridge and realize other people must enjoy it as well, because the bridge is quite full. Musicians and artists share their talents to the passerby's, and the two girls emerse themselves in the cultural activities. They are serenaded by the talented Czech musicians. Unable to stop their feet, they start to dance to their favorite song, "Moma Mia!" They gift the entertainers with lots of…

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Ella and Tutu in Edinburgh

Ella and Tutu in Edinburgh This week Ella and Tutu are experiencing the well-preserved historical beauty and modern additions of Edinburgh, Scotland. They begin at Edinburgh Castle or the palace on the hill as Tutu tended to refer to it. Ella is entranced by the beautiful city and the old, stone-built buildings. Next, Ella and Tutu begin to dance and model under the watchful gaze of the medieval castle. After all, Edinburgh is famous for their theatrical arts! Tutu practically leaps from Ella's embrace when she heard that the girls would be stopping for ice cream as Mary's Milk Bar. The little travelers are quite ecstatic at the prospect of trying some Scottish ice cream. They wonder what flavors the shop would serve! They both can't believe all the wonderful and creative options of ice cream, like Strawberry Black Pepper, Rose and Cardamon, and even Milk ice cream! The two decide…

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Ella and Tutu in the Scottish Highlands

Ella & Tutu in the Scottish Highlands Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photographs by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer. On this Scottish adventure, Ella and Tutu begin at a quiet Air B&B near the city of Inverness. With one look the girls immediately fall in love with the plain white stucco walls and pretty flower baskets in the front of the house. The man inside is a wonderful storyteller, and the girls listen entranced by his wondrous stories of the friendly old sailors who had lived in this very house many years before.  After a perfectly wonderful night's rest, the two head down the rickety old steps to the kitchen below. Tutu is excited to fill her artistically crafted bowl with her new favorite food... muesli!  The two begin on their journey to their family's castle, Castle Fraser, and are stunned by the beautiful view of the grounds…

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Ella and Tutu on the Scottish Isles

Ella & Tutu: On the Scottish Isles Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photographs by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer.Today Ella and Tutu have decided to venture onto the secret isles of Mull and Iona. As Ella and Tutu shiver against the cold glass window, the two gaze into the endless blue sea before them, imagining all the fun yet to be had. Ella dreams of the beautiful nature the isles will hold, and Tutu of the new scrumptious desserts she will taste.   As the ferry noiselly chugs onward, the two friends decide to discuss their excitement over a warm plate of a Full Scottish Breakfast.  Their mouths water as they taste the perfectly browned toast, grilled tomato, eggs, back bacon, sausage, tatties, and mysterious black pudding!  At last! The two arrive on the isle of Mull, and begin the drive for the next ferry to take them…

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Ella & Tutu – Tutu’s 2nd Birthday Party

Ella & Tutu: Tutu’s Birthday Party Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photos by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Child Photographer. Today Ella has decided to throw a birthday party for Tutu. She invited all of Tutu's friends to join in on the excitement! Tutu is so surprised to see her bunny, mice, and giraffe friends, that she squeals in excitement! Ella kindly explains all the planned festivities to the friendly bunch. Tutu shares that she sadly never had a birthday party before! Ella is shocked, and promises that this will be a party to remember. Ella decides to pose with her new flower crown, and gifts Tutu with a big birthday hug. Next Ella could no longer silence her longing taste buds, and decides it is time for a snack! She elegantly displays the freshly baked treats so the guests can view their delicious choices. Everyone chooses their favorite as…

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Kids and Watermelons

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Kids and Watermelons - Pittsburgh Child Photographer What comes to mind when you think of summer?  Maybe family walks, children playing outdoors, jogging with a baby, visiting friends, family picnics, going swimming, or a neighborhood BBQ? Or maybe even eating watermelons? The Flourish Academny hosts a monthly camera club open to all Pittsburgh area photographers. I enjoy attending the monthly meetings to meet other Pittsburgh photographers, catch up with friends and photograph at the beautiful homestead location where camera club meets. Recently I had the privilege of photographing adorable children eating watermelons. They were having a lot of fun, and so was I. It was so enjoyable that I thought it would be a good subject for the blog. 10 Reasons to Love Watermelons Keep cool | Watermelon is 92% water making it perfect for refreshment on a hot day or refueling after a workout. 2. Health Benefits | Watermelons contain Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps boost your immunity and  vitamin B6 for brain development during pregnancy and infancy. 3. Skin…

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