Maternity + Newborn Lifestyle Interview

Everyday seems to be a holiday when you are a photographer! One perk of the job is celebrating milestones with families. I met this kind, friendly, and creative family a couple of years ago. Every session feels like I'm invited to a play date in their beautiful home. It's possible that I tell them every time I'm in their home that they have the best windows! I love being there to watch this family celebrate a first birthday, bake and decorate cookies, trim their Christmas tree, read books, make music and play in the back yard. Most recently I was there to document the arrival of their second daughter. How did you and your spouse meet? My husband and I met at Carnegie Mellon when I was an editor for the newspaper as an undergrad and he was a master's student working on layout design. Describe how your life changed once…

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First Year Spotlight – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

When families book a newborn session, it is possible to add-on a maternity session and two first year sessions. That's how I met this amazing family! We met around a year ago at sunset to capture beautiful maternity portraits. It was exciting to hear the news when their baby boy arrived and we scheduled a newborn lifestyle session. We spent a relaxed morning together in their home while capturing portraits of everyone in the family, including their adorable dog. In the following months we met once in the studio for a sitter session and then again back at the field where we first met, but this time to celebrate Benny's first birthday with an outdoor cake smash and family portraits. It's a pleasure to be trusted by families to capture the important moments of their lives!!

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Maternity + Newborn Spotlight – Pittsburgh Photographer

Today on the blog I'm excited to feature a family that recently moved to Pittsburgh. We got together for a maternity session, a posed newborn session and a lifestyle session at home with the whole family. We had fun and got creative every time we got together!

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10 Maternity Clothing Staples – Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer

When I was pregnant I remember feeling overwhelmed with doctor appointments, shopping for new baby items, preparing a nursery and needing to create a new wardrobe! All this while still balancing normal life but with less energy than ever before. If you are in the same boat, please check out this list of 10 maternity clothing staples to get you started on your new maternity style 1. The Maxi Dress It’s nearly spring, hooray which means maxi dress type celebrations, floral prints, Baby Showers and Weddings! Even if you don’t have a special occasion coming up, you don’t need an excuse to dress your bump in a gorgeous maxi dress! Maxi dresses are a no-brainer - and a good wardrobe investment as some styles will go well beyond pregnancy. They're loose fitting, breezy and you can get creative with prints! 2. Black Wrap Dress Because everyone needs a black dress! Plus,…

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Why is Maternity Photography Such a Huge Trend?

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Why is Maternity Photography Such a Huge Trend? This blog post is written by a guest blogger, Anna Berg. Anna Berg is the Pregnancy, Newborn and Baby photographer at Creek Street Photography – a boutique Portrait and Wedding photography Studio Located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Anna writes about why maternity photography has become a huge trend. -Laura From milk baths to mermaid tails, from rounded silhouettes to belly kisses from Dad, more and more expectant mums are trusting expert maternity photographers to help them capture keepsake photos of this important phase in their lives. Just a few short decades ago, however, women who were pregnant were more inclined to cover up for the 9-month haul than to bear their beautiful bellies for the camera. What changed?  Photo by Laura Mares Photography, Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer It’s often said the maternity photography trend started with actress Demi Moore and a nude photo of…

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7 Tips for Beautiful Maternity Pictures

Seven Tips for Better Maternity Pictures In 1991, when a nude and pregnant Demi Moore posed for a Vanity Fair cover, was unprecedented for media outlets. Today, celebrities and fashion bloggers have started a trend of taking maternity pictures, both clothed and nude. It's common for the majority of pregnant women to take maternity pictures. Read on for 7 tips for taking maternity pics that you will love. 1. Get Your Hair and Makeup Done nIt can be a challenge to feel beautiful or sexy during pregnancy. Particularly if your pregnancy is difficult. This is understandable. However, the beautiful woman that you are is still there under that baby bump and the swollen ankles! Harness your pre-pregnant self by getting your hair and makeup done. For one thing, you will like the pictures even more when you get them back because you will look your best. Secondly, you will feel much more confident and pretty…

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10 Tips on What to Wear to your Maternity Portrait Session

10 Tips on What to Wear to Your Maternity Portrait Session I was recently asked for tips for what to wear at a maternity photo session. Since your baby bump is the "star of the show," dress to accentuate it! Read these 10 tips on what to wear to your maternity session.1. A Maxi Dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. Maxi dresses are comfortable and flattering.2. Solid colors generally photograph well. I love white, cream and beige. I like to keep it simple.3. Tight clothing looks great in maternity shots, we want the focus to be on your adorable baby bump!4. Consider wearing a belt to help define your baby bump. Wear just above your belly to create a beautiful waistline.5. Lean towards classic clothing and away from the current trends. I want your maternity session portraits to be a reflection on your pregnancy and your growing family. We don't want the clothes to be a…

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