Newborn Family Interview

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How did you and your spouse meet? We met during our senior year at Penn State! What are your family’s favorite things to do in and around Pittsburgh? We love to be outside as much as possible, whether it's hiking, live music, the zoo, taking our daughters to a new park (or splash pad during the summer), or finding somewhere with an outdoor patio to get a drink and a bite to eat. We also try to take advantage of events happening locally whenever we can! We really love living in the city and try to capitalize on all the opportunities that affords as often as we can. What was your baby's height and weight at birth? She was 8lbs 5oz and 20.5" long. Describe how your life has changed once you brought home your newborn baby. It's so cool experiencing life with a newborn the second time around! I honestly…

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Why schedule a Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot?

Why schedule a Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot? Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur who wants to up scale your marketing? Do you want to come across to your audience as memorable, personable, and relatable? You don’t need to waste time chasing every new marketing trick or automation tool. You don't have to run digital ads or hire video production companies. Honestly, it is as simple as planning a two hour photoshoot and it do wonders for your marketing! If you haven't already guessed, I'm talking about photos of YOU, through the surprising fun experience of a branding lifestyle photoshoot! What Exactly is Branding Lifestyle Photography? A branding lifestyle photoshoot is a relaxed session that captures you naturally and beautifully. I'm not talking about a classic headshot, a lifestyle branding shoot is something between a documentary session and a magazine feature. What are the Benefits of a Branding Lifestyle Photoshoot for Your Small…

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5 Reasons Senior Photos are Important

5 Reasons Senior Photos are Important  As you near the time for senior pictures, it’s important to note the importance of having professional senior portraits. After years of hard work, you’re finally ready to complete this chapter of your life before you begin to prepare for the next. No matter what that looks like, it’s important to bring a sense of closure to this portion of your life. Graduation, senior prom, and senior pictures are all a part of that celebration!  Below I’ve included five reasons why senior pictures are important.  1. Celebrate this Time in Your Life  Through extracurriculars, grades, and friendships you’ve put in the work. Now is the time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished as a successful, unique, and strong individual! Through the highs and the lows, you’ve persevered through the experience of high school and are now ready to embrace the future.  2. Reward Yourself  Senior…

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Including Your Pet During a Senior Session

Including Your Pet During a Senior Session As you near the next chapter of your life, it’s natural for you to want to include your close furry friend who was with you through it all! A proud pet owner, I remember including my own cat, Calico, in my senior pictures. When she passed away, I loved having those portraits of us together as a way to commemorate the years we spent together. As you plan how to include your dog/cat/alpaca in the best way possible, it’s important to follow these tips! Animals can be hectic, but no need to worry as I’ve worked with countless animals and incorporated them in senior portraits.  1. Give your photographer a head’s up!  Before the session, make sure to inform your photographer that you plan to invite your pet to your session so they aren’t taken off guard. When you fill out the proposal, tell…

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Tips for the Best College Graduation Photo Session

Tips for the Best College Graduation Photo Session  Let’s normalize college grad sessions! I love photographing the excitement and joy that comes from receiving one’s college diploma. As you plan out your next steps, let me capture this exciting moment in an authentic way that captures your emotion!  Check out this recent interview with Delilah, who is planning on pursuing her passion of writing. I’ve included some tips and ideas for your upcoming graduation photo session as you plan what location, outfit, and style is best for you! 1. Take pictures with and without your cap and gown Make sure to grab some pictures with your school colors and graduation outfit in order to memorialize this special milestone you’ve accomplished! It’s also fun to grab some pictures in more casual outfits that make you feel confident.  2. Bring along family members or your significant other I definitely recommend bringing along the…

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Family Photo Session Location Series: Rustic

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Family Photo Session Location Series: Rustic  As you and your family decide on the best location for your family photo session, I recommend checking out my portfolio and blog to learn more about all the locations I’ve tried in the past. In addition, I’m always open to trying a new spot that you and your family would like to use!  The rustic location is perfect for those who love the natural beauty of the outdoors and live for golden sunsets. I love finding the best rustic locations and trying out new fields and trails in the Pittsburgh area. Families should choose the rustic location if they are looking for a laid back session in a beautiful place that’s private and more secluded.  Why are Rustic locations such a great choice for your family photo session? 1. Gorgeous golden hour lighting  As trees and bushes filter the golden hour lighting, your family…

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Personality Quiz to Find the Best Senior Photo Location

Personality Quiz to find the best place for your senior photo session  Who is your biggest inspiration? a. Joanna Gaines, I love her unique sense of style and admire her success. b. Audrey Hepburn, I absolutely love her fashion sense and philanthropic work. c. Lou Gehrig, I’m inspired by the “Iron Horse.” Sara strolling Hartwood Acres Rachel in a vintage red truck How would your BFF describe you? a. Creative! I’m always working on a new pet project b. A daredevil! I love going on adventures and trying new things! c. Hardworking and self-motivated! I’m always putting in the effort. What’s your favorite hangout spot? a. Going out on a picnic with friends and gathering flowers for a bouquet. b. Trying out a new restaurant in the city. c. Going out for burgers! Gwen posing on an iconic Pittsburgh bridge Kaili lounging at Color Park Do you have any fears about…

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Senior Location Series: Lawrenceville

Senior Location Series: Lawrenceville  This location is a new spot that I’ve fallen in love with! Lawrenceville is full of artistic spaces that are both unique and beautiful. It’s great for those who love the urban feel but are looking for a location that makes you stand out from the crowd. Another plus of this location is that there is so much variation within such a short distance. As you take on the task of determining which location is best for your Senior session, I hope this series helps you! Feel free to check out other blog posts that detail locations that my clients love. (link links)  Now I’ll go into a little more detail about all of the unique spots that you can choose within the Lawrenceville area!  The Foundry  Alex Simakas is the founder of the Foundry on 41st Street. Where the street once met a dead-end near the…

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Senior Interview

Meet Delilah! She recently graduated from Pitt and is an aspiring writer! I love that she reached out to me about a college grad session, because I feel that too often we forget about the importance of documenting college graduation. I absolutely loved working with Delilah as she has such a fun, bubbly personality and a contagious zest for life! Below you can find my interview with her.  What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? I love the variety that the city brings. If I want to have a night out in the city or just lose myself in nature, I can do both with no problem. In your opinion, where is the best place to eat in Pittsburgh and what do you order there? My favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh by far is the Shady Grove. My partner and I go there all the time to…

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5 Favorite Newborn Shots – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

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My Favorite Newborn Shots and Why I Love Them It’s always fun to meet and photograph a newborn baby. Just as every newborn is unique so is each newborn photo session. At every newborn session, I patiently capture multiple shots and angles of each baby. Here are five of my favorites that I aim to capture at each newborn session. Newborn Wrinkles I've been documenting back wrinkles since I began photographing babies! It's always been a favorite because most babies are comfortable resting on their tummies and seeing those wrinkles seem to make everyone smile. :) Eye Lashes Isn't it amazing that even the youngest and tiniest of babies still have eyelashes? Newborns may be tiny but typically their lashes aren't. Profile I love simplistic, natural newborn portraits, where the baby and baby's details are the main focus of the portrait rather than opting for lots of props and outfits. Baby…

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