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Newborn Photography: Older Babies Welcome

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When it comes to newborn photography my style is simplistic.  I aim to photograph newborns as they are now, in their natural state.  I could admire newborn babies for hours – watching their tiny movements, their stretches, their giant yawns, and how their individual personalities naturally shine through. Baby led photos are my goal. I allow for plenty of time to cuddle, feed and settle them.  

I want to create images that will take you back to the early days, to remember just what it was like when your baby was small. I look for moments of love or curiosity from an older sibling, the tenderness of a mother’s embrace and dad’s big, protective hands compared to how small your newborn’s hands. I love to capture the sweet details of your newborn for you to remember! It’s the authentic moments I aim to capture of your newborn baby and your family no matter how old your baby is!

Let’s address a very common question I receive about older babies. “Are older babies welcome?” The simple answer is Yes!

I actually don’t have age restrictions on the newborn babies that I photograph, because older babies are just as adorable! Photographing older newborns is the perfect time to capture wide open eyes, joyful smiles, eye contact, chubby hands gripping your fingers, and all the sweet baby goodness!

How old are “older” babies?

Older babies could be 5-6 weeks of age, or even 2-3 months old! Some parents prefer waiting until their babies are immunized, and others prefer having their baby’s eyes open in photos, once they’re a few months old and able to stay awake longer. Other parents want to capture how tiny and sleepy their newborn baby is.

I love ALL babies, so if your little one is slightly older than the standard 2-week “Newborn” age, I believe that’s still a prefect time!

Do older babies sleep?

Every baby dictates how the session will run – feeding, burping, soothing, cuddling, changing, sleeping – your newborn session revolves around your baby’s needs. Older babies stay awake longer, and are of course bigger. Some families prefer the tiny, curled up newborn photos while other families prefer eye contact, smiles and chubby legs. There is no wrong answer! It’s for you to decide what type of newborn portraits you prefer!

Every baby needs awake time to stimulate their mind, move their little bodies, drink some milk and then have another little sleep. Most of the older babies end up sleeping during their session, but it’s totally up to your baby on the day! Babies really do lead our sessions!

Whether you prefer younger or older newborn photos,

I’d love to hear from you today!


Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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