5 Things I’ve Learned about Frank Lloyd Wright

5 Things I've Learned about Frank Lloyd Wright When my mom, daughter and I had an unexpected free weekend in March, we decided to visit the four Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the Laurel Highlands. We visited Polymath Park, featuring the Duncan and Mäntylä Houses, Fallingwater, built for the Kaufmann family in 1939, and Kentuck Knob, built for the Hagan's in 1956. In addition to exploring the homes we also had time to grab a delicious bite to eat at Treetops in Polymath Park. At the time of our visit, it was possible to tour each of the houses with the exception of Fallingwater due to COVID restrictions. At Fallingwater it was only possible to explore the grounds and around the outside of the home. The Duncan House 1. Usonian Usonian comes from USONA or United States of North America. Usonian homes are sophisticated yet simple. These houses typically feature native…

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25 Ways to Experience Iceland

Three things make me incredibly happy... spending time with my friends and family, capturing amazing photographs, and traveling to new places. In the fall of 2019 I was able to experience all three in Iceland. On my 39th birthday my friend turned to me and said "Let's celebrate our birthdays next year by going on a girls trip. I'll go anywhere. You pick the destination." That's literally how our plans got started for our epic Icelandic girls trip. We didn't know before we left but we quickly decided that exploring Iceland together was exactly what was missing in our lives. Our girls trip gave us a chance to relax, refresh and recharge. We were free to be "us" again. All of our daily responsibilities and roles were striped away. We were also able to reconnect and reminisce of our childhood days. All this while reveling in each new experience. At one…

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15 Things to do with your Family in New York City

Looking for a weekend get away with your family? With so much to offer, the Big Apple is a great place for a family to bond, experience new things, and create memories that’ll last a lifetime! Labor day weekend, my family traveled to NYC to celebrate my 40th Birthday. Our weekend was filled with laughter and fun even though I wish we could have spent a little time there. Below I’ve included 15 of our favorite activities that our family enjoyed.

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10 Travel Tips for an Epic Family Vacation – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

10 Travel Tips for an Epic Vacation! 1. Pack Light I know this might be counter-intuitive because I know we all want to be prepared, and bring everything we might possibly need for a trip, but trust me! From my extensive travel experience, the best memories are never made because of the stuff you brought. Simple packing lends to a cheaper trip, and it’s easier to manage your belongings, and reduces the chance of losing something. 2. Pack Clothes you can Wear Multiple Times in Multiple Ways In order to pack light, I bring multipurpose clothing, simple colored shirts, and easy-to-wear shoes. Wear simple, solid colored clothes and plan to wear layers. For example, overalls, and jean jackets are great ways to spruce up an outfit. Bring a couple plain t shirts, they are perfect because they don’t take up much space, and you can wear it with skirts, pants, shorts,…

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Lessons from Vincent – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

My favorite subject in school was art. (I also liked going on field trips to downtown Pittsburgh.) But the most exciting days were the days I got to create something unique. I also loved learning about famous artists. Vincent Van Gogh has been a favorite of mine since elementary school. It was so sad to learn that Vincent had cut off his ear. It didn't make any sense to me, why couldn't a creative genius find peace and happiness? I have always loved Vincent's use of vivid colors, everyday subjects and his big, bold, colorful brush strokes. In my early college years I enjoyed sipping coffee in quaint bookstores while reading books filled with inspirational quotes. I'd copy my favorite quotes into my well worn black moleskin journal. Below are some of my favorite quotes from Vincent Van Gogh. Moral near the outside entrance to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Amersterdam…

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Best Things to do in St. Louis – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

St. Louis is a great place for a family vacation. We stayed in an AirBnB in West County. We prefer AirBnb to hotels, because we like the extra space, having outdoor living space and a kitchen. We enjoyed delicious food and drinks while exploring all that St. Louis has to offer! Check out our recommendations below.

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The Story Behind the Highlander Cow Portrait

Let me introduce you to Argyle. He placed in the Best of the Best of the 2019 Shot & Share Contest. Photographers are always looking everywhere for the next “perfect photo” opportunity. I am always looking at the direction of light, people's expressions and connections and/or wondering what would be the best angle to photograph someone or something. Our family vacations are no different. This past summer we took photographs of the train traveling through the Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. I also took photographs of my children dancing in front of Castle Fraser and looking for the Loch Ness Monster near Urquhart Castle. After climbing a muddy mountainside (in Birkenstocks) I had just enough time to take a quick selfie before the train arrived. We even hired a professional photographer, Natalia Swiader to take photos of our family exploring Circus Lane and Dean Village in Edinburgh.  All the while…

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Ella and Tutu in Prague

Ella and Tutu are spending their day in the most beautiful city of the world, Prague. The two are very excited, and Tutu is jumping and spinnning for joy! The friends have visited Prague a few times before, but this trip will be different because they are adding new stops to the agenda... they want to visit their dear friend, buy a new souvenir, see Strahov Library, and have a fancy beverage at a restaurant overseeing the city of Prague. The two enjoy the beautiful Charles Bridge and realize other people must enjoy it as well, because the bridge is quite full. Musicians and artists share their talents to the passerby's, and the two girls emerse themselves in the cultural activities. They are serenaded by the talented Czech musicians. Unable to stop their feet, they start to dance to their favorite song, "Moma Mia!" They gift the entertainers with lots of…

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