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13 Most Requested Newborn Poses

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13 Most Requested Newborn Poses

Newborns are adorable, right? They are tiny, curly and snuggle into the cutest poses! Continue reading to learn about the 13 most requested newborn poses in the studio below.

Standard Newborn Poses

1. Swaddled Newborn Typically we begin the session by swaddling babies, which hopefully puts babies right to sleep. Once swaddled, newborns are gently placed on the oversized beanbag to rest on their back, facing upward.

2. Side Laying The newborn is stretched out horizontally, and their little back foot kicked out so we can see their toes. Their face is usually resting on a hand. Most babies love this pose because it gives them a chance to get very comfortable!

3. Bum Up One of my favorite newborn poses, especially for babies with a little meat on their bones! It’s the pose that features newborn’s “back wrinkles.” It can be a tough pose – it takes an accomplished photographer to achieve a beautiful curve. 

4. Baby’s Chin on Hands The newborn is laying on his or her crisscrossed hands, which happens to be a great angle to enjoy baby’s darling face, that is either slightly to the side, or directly facing forward. This pose works well for older babies too.

5. Baby in a Prop Any shots done with either our dark or light wooden backgrounds are considered a prop shot. The newborn is posed beautifully inside the prop. Babies can be wrapped or dressed in an outfit. These shots often include layers to add texture to the image.

6. Mom with Newborn Baby A close up of mother snuggling her newborn just under her chin. To capture the love and tenderness a mother has for her newborn. Mom’s hands secure her baby, by holding the legs in a crisscross pattern and supporting baby’s head.

7. Dad with Newborn Baby I love to photograph precious moments between fathers and their newborn babies! A particular favorite pose is baby resting on dad’s shoulder. Another is baby facing outward and resting in the father’s hands. The tenderness of a dad with his baby melts my heart. Capturing the connection is a gift that dads will treasure forever.

8. Sibling with Newborn Baby (depending on sibling cooperation)

9. Full Family (with Newborn Baby)

10. Baby in parent’s hands Several options are possible, like mom’s heart-shaped hands around baby’s tiny feet, dad’s hands “holding baby up in the air” and the newborn resting in dad’s protective hands.

Additional Newborn Poses

11. Baby Potato Sack The newborn is wrapped in a fabric very tightly, supporting their neck, and placed on a furry flokati (wool) backdrop. The baby is held to create this composite image, mom or dad’s hand is removed during post processing. The final image features the newborn’s little hands as a “shelf” where baby’s face can rest. Adorable!

12. Froggy At Laura Mares Photography the froggy is always shot as a composite of several images. Hands are always on baby to provide support. The newborns hold their head and neck up with their arms and wrists. It’s one of the most difficult and rewarding poses to do. Baby must be sound asleep. This pose is for very young babies.

13. The Hanging HammockThe hanging shots are actually not “hanging” rather the baby is lifted about a inch above a bean bag just enough to see the background paper or wall behind it. These shots are always done from a composite of several images and should only be done by a very experienced newborn photographer. I truly take every precaution! Hanging shots are for the little babies (under 8 pounds).

Petite Session Poses

Petite newborn sessions last around an hour, your baby remains diapered and wrapped in a swaddle.

Swaddled Newborn

Baby in a Prop Chose from buckets, baskets, scales, carriages, boxes and beds.

Baby Potato Sack

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