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Questions to Ask Yourself before your Couple Photography Session

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Questions to Ask Yourself before your Couple Photography Session 

Since preparing for your couple photography session may appear daunting, I created a list of questions to ask yourself before your session! Endless Pinterest boards, adorable Instagram inspiration, and cute pics from your best friend’s engagement shoot might all seem like amazing choices… almost too amazing to choose one! These questions should be a helpful starting point to narrow down and focus your choices so that you and your loved one can best capture your unique relationship in the most meaningful way possible. Authentic emotion and raw moments are the first priority when it comes to your upcoming session. 

What story or emotion do you want to display? 

This question is the perfect place to start, as you and your partner work to determine what the central theme of your session will be. A great jumping off point is brainstorming your story and thinking of ways to represent that story during the session! 

What about hair and makeup?

While this may be more specific to the woman, both you and your partner may want to prepare ahead of time for if and where you want to get your hair done and make sure you both mirror each other. I recommend striving for a natural look that accentuates your beauty. 

What should my partner and I wear?

Make sure to dress like yourself and wear something you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. My number one tip is to wear colors and patterns that blend with your significant other during your couple photography session. Some of my favorite brands include J Crew, American Eagle, Anthropologie, Free People, Madewell and Alta’d State. 

Do we want to use props?

Your props could include anything from your furry best friend, a Mexican blanket, or a vintage blue bicycle! I am also a huge fan of using wildflowers or bouquets from floral shops to add a bit of natural beauty to your photos! Umbrellas, a bottle of champagne, or sentimental jewelry are all examples of more personal props that are specific to you and your partner! 

What location reflects us as a couple?

Choosing a location for your couple session is overwhelming for many, which is why I stress the importance of focusing in on this question: what location reflects us as a couple? Do you love going on long hikes? Maybe an outdoor, rustic location is best! Do you love exploring the city and visiting new artistic locations? Maybe an urban mural or a Pittsburgh bridge is perfect for you! Regardless, try and choose a location that reflects where you and your significant other love to spend quality time together! 

What is our inspiration?

Looking through wedding and engagement magazines, scrolling through Pinterest, and following Instagram accounts that promote couple poses and photography inspiration are all great places to start! However, it can feel overwhelming sometimes, so make sure to limit your time and organize your search. Maybe delegate thirty minutes to clothing ideas, another time slot to poses, while another to locations and props! This way you’ll feel productive and full of creative ideas! 

What do we want to accomplish the most during the session?

I stress the importance of sitting down with your partner and discussing what you want to take out of the session. This focus will allow you not to get carried away with the stresses of the session or what shade of blue to wear! Remember that the sole focus of your session is to capture the love you feel for one another! 

I hope these questions help you narrow down your search and help you regain focus before your upcoming couples session. Click to book a couple photography session, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂



Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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