High School Senior Interview

Early last fall I met Molly for her senior photo session at one of my favorite rural locations. As we were parking I noticed the magical sunset for our golden hour shoot and couldn't wait for our session to begin! It's been a joy to watch Molly mature into such a beautiful and intellectual young lady. She's super creative and a real natural in front of the camera. Thinking back over the last few years, I realize we've had a total of five sessions and she literally nailed every single one! Best wishes in all you do, Molly, your future looks as bright as that magical sunset from your senior session! What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? I like how connected Pittsburgh is; very rarely have I ever felt limited by my location. It's definitely something I've taken for granted growing up here! In your opinion, where…

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High School Senior and Family Interview

South Park Mary and I first met while we were sitting on the field watching our kids play on the same T ball team. Quickly I began to look forward to spending our afternoon afternoons together because of her warm personality and welcoming smiles. Soon I learned that she was an actress and her family recently moved to Pittsburgh. I have enjoyed running into Mary over the years at anything from walks in the neighborhood to Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Her family is full of unique and creative individuals that were a joy to photograph! Be sure to view to the bottom to see how we ended our session! What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? We enjoy the museums, the hills, the schools and most of all —the people in Pittsburgh! Write 3 adjectives that describe your family. Our family is friendly, creative, and outdoorsy. What…

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It was an exciting moment when I was contacted by a high school friend that she was getting married and she'd like me to photograph her wedding! I couldn't wait to connect with her again, meet her future husband, and hear their wedding plans! I think we laughed through their entire engagement session while we explored downtown Pittsburgh together. After their engagement session, I couldn't wait to photograph their beautiful wedding! These two have so much love and passion for life that they make life more enjoyable by simply being around them. I was impressed to see love from their friends and family poured out onto them throughout their wedding day. I hope you can see it in their wedding photos below as you read their interview. Are you from Pittsburgh? Yes, Carey grew up in the South Hills and Gary grew up in Lawrenceville. How did you two meet? We…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

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At my newborn studio sessions, you can expect to have a fun and relaxed experience. When you enter my peaceful, little greenhouse home studio, you'll hear music streaming, smell lavender diffusing, and you are welcome to sip a cappuccino. We will focus on capturing beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, and we'll also have plenty of time to get to know each other! At a recent newborn session, I had the chance to meet this super sweet couple. I loved hearing how they met! Although they lived only a couple minutes from each other, they said they never would have met if they hadn't been matched online. Since the first advertisement I heard for match.com, I've been so curious if my husband and I would have been matched! Once, I even tried to talk him into taking a survey to see if we would have matched online! I'm super impressed because…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Sometimes the stars align and you meet a wonderful, laid-back, snuggly family in a stunningly renovated historic Pittsburgh home. Combining an incredible family, a beautiful baby, modern Bohemian decor and a sweet Siberian husky would bring joy to any lifestyle photographer. This lifestyle newborn session was a dream shoot from beginning to end! Between shots we talked about everything from living in Pittsburgh, our dogs and job and her pampas grass. It was during this shoot that I realized I needed pampas grass to add to my Bohemian Studio! Although it's not easy to find, I finally found some at Mt. Lebanon Floral. I believe the best thing about having your newborn session in the comfort of your own home is personalization. In addition to photographing your sweet newborn, your home is featured as well! Honestly the size or decor of your home don't matter as much as remembering where you…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Katie and Morgan warmly welcomed me into their historic and picturesque home on a cold winter morning. I enjoyed touring their beautifully decorated space looking for the best locations and lighting to capture this loving family. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about their lives and travels during the lifestyle photo shoot. As I was leaving I caught a glance at a witch above their kitchen sink. It reminded me of a witch my husband and I had received as a wedding gift from a friend that lives in the south. I was so curious about it. We laughed and googled to learn that it is a German tradition and she brings good luck to your home. I'm now curious how common kitchen witches are. Let me know if you have one too in the comments below. I hope you enjoy hearing Katie and Morgan story! How did you two meet? I was…

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Family Interview | Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

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Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with amazing families! Last summer, I received a call from a then Pittsburgh mom asking to schedule a golden hour family lifestyle session featuring their backyard tree deck built around two hundred-year-old sycamore trees. Honestly, I could have pinched myself. I think being a photographer must be the best job in the world! Together we spent two hours laughing and participating in fun activities like dancing, snuggling and even climbing on dad to keep the children engaged. How did you and your spouse meet? Through friends in Miami, Florida where we were both living at the time. What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? Snow in May. lol j/k....  Safe, family-friendly, great schools, and the cost of living is low. Write 3 adjectives that describe your family. Energetic, silly, and curious. Describe your children. Emily is 8 and is sweet, caring, shy, and…

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Family Interview | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

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It's a joy to watch children grow from year to year between their photo sessions. Check out a couple of my favorites from past photo sessions at the end of the interview. What kind of Christmas traditions does your family enjoy? We have started elf on the shelf (snowflake) and watch lots of Christmas movies all December. This year we watched Christmas Vacation, The Polar Express, Elf, Frosty, Rudolph, and Charlie Browns Christmas! What kind of toys would your children like to receive as gifts? We enjoy giving our children educational gifts or experiences. What kinds of decorations do you put up your home? This year I decided to buy a 12 foot artificial tree. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal except I failed to anticipate how heavy it would be to put up. So Neil has to help on that one! What kind of ornaments do you put on…

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Family Interview | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

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As soon as I met this gorgeous and outgoing family I knew it was going to be a blast! The black and white color scheme was such a classic but the best part about this family was their collective sense of humor! We spent the majority of the photo session laughing and smiling....(at one point Luke was dangling upside down followed soon after by his sister!) The weather and sunset were absolutely gorgeous and coupled with the amazing location, it was a session to remember. How did you and your spouse meet? We met at work. Tell us about your family. We moved to Pittsburgh from Minneapolis in January. We have loved having family visit and showing them around Pittsburgh. We have a bernedoodle dog named Bruce. What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? It has been almost a year since we moved so we still love exploring…

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Maternity + Newborn Lifestyle Interview

Everyday seems to be a holiday when you are a photographer! One perk of the job is celebrating milestones with families. I met this kind, friendly, and creative family a couple of years ago. Every session feels like I'm invited to a play date in their beautiful home. It's possible that I tell them every time I'm in their home that they have the best windows! I love being there to watch this family celebrate a first birthday, bake and decorate cookies, trim their Christmas tree, read books, make music and play in the back yard. Most recently I was there to document the arrival of their second daughter. How did you and your spouse meet? My husband and I met at Carnegie Mellon when I was an editor for the newspaper as an undergrad and he was a master's student working on layout design. Describe how your life changed once…

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