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FIVE Favorite Newborn Shots – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

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My Favorite Newborn Shots and Why I Love Them! 

It’s always fun to meet and photograph a newborn baby. Just as every newborn is unique so is each newborn photo session. At every newborn session, I patiently capture multiple shots and angles of each baby. Here are five of my favorites that I aim to capture at each newborn session.

Newborn Wrinkles

I’ve been documenting back wrinkles since I began photographing babies! It’s always been a favorite because most babies are comfortable resting on their tummies and seeing those wrinkles seem to make everyone smile. 🙂

Eye Lashes

Isn’t it amazing that even the youngest and tiniest of babies still have eyelashes? Newborns may be tiny but typically their lashes aren’t.


I love simplistic, natural newborn portraits, where the baby and baby’s details are the main focus of the portrait rather than opting for lots of props and outfits.

Baby Hair Pattern

Each baby has a distinct hair pattern that is unique to them, and most mom’s can identify!

Tiny Toes

Since your baby will never be this small again, I love documenting the tiny features for you to remind you of your baby’s small features.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my favorite newborn shots. I’d love to hear about your favorite newborn shots i the comments section below. If you are looking to hire a newborn photographer in the Pittsburgh area, please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a session!

simple white studio newborn portrait featuring baby's back wrinkles
Back Wrinkles
simple white studio newborn portrait featuring baby's eye lashes
Eye Lashes
simple white studio newborn profile portrait
Newborn Profile
simple white studio newborn portrait featuring baby's hair pattern
Hair Pattern
simple white studio newborn toes portrait
Tiny Newborn Toes


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