Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

At my newborn studio sessions, you can expect to have a fun and relaxed experience. When you enter my peaceful, little greenhouse home studio, you'll hear music streaming, smell lavender diffusing, and you are welcome to sip a cappuccino. We will focus on capturing beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, and we'll also have plenty of time to get to know each other! At a recent newborn session, I had the chance to meet this super sweet couple. I loved hearing how they met! Although they lived only a couple minutes from each other, they said they never would have met if they hadn't been matched online. Since the first advertisement I heard for, I've been so curious if my husband and I would have been matched! Once, I even tried to talk him into taking a survey to see if we would have matched online! I'm super impressed because…

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Classic, Simple, Natural Newborn Photography

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I was always taught that newborn photographers had to create specific poses of babies wearing adorable outfits, on colorful backdrops in unique props. So I studied with a famous newborn photographer that specialized in posing babies to learn how to safely put newborn babies into classic poses. However I wasn’t creatively fulfilled, something was missing. While my newborn work looked beautiful, it lacked the authenticity and emotion that I capture during my lifestyle sessions. Now I aim to capture the love a newborn’s parents feel and the details that make newborn babies truly unique with classic, simple, natural newborn photography. Natural Newborn Sessions are Relaxed + Fun Natural newborn sessions feel relaxed for both parents and babies. A newborn yearns to be comfy, full, warm and close to mom and dad. A low-stress environment allows for the best photo outcomes. Instead of worrying about the perfect sleeping pose, we catch your…

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What to Expect at Your Lifestyle Studio Newborn Session!

What to Expect at Your Lifestyle Studio Newborn Session! Mi casa es su casa takes on a new meeting during lifestyle studio sessions! I love styling my studio to emulate homey vibes and with a detail oriented one-hour cleaning session before and after the shoot, there is no reason not to book soon! As we transition into a time of photoshoots in this new season, I wanted to take the time to give you an in-depth explanation on what to expect during a Lifestyle Newborn Session in the studio in order to alleviate as much stress as possible and to maintain an overly cautious atmosphere!  We can start off covering my routine for cleaning the studio before, during and after the shoot. Next, I’d love to walk you through the most popular props I use during a shoot and the overall flow of the session.  First, you enter the studio and…

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Newborn Session Interview – Pittsburgh Photographer

During quarantine I had the opportunity to revamp the studio with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, update the floor, and new props. It was finished just days before I received an email requesting a newborn lifestyle shoot in the studio from a super sweet new mom. It was a wonderful experience photographing a newborn again, even if I needed to wear a mask and stay at a distance! How did you and your spouse meet? Bryon and I met at the gym while attending the University of Pittsburgh. What was your baby's height and weight at birth? Our newborn is 20 inches and 6lbs 15oz. Describe how your life has changed once you brought home your newborn baby. Our life has completely changed for the better! Bryon and I had been anxiously waiting 9 months to bring our little miracle into the world. While we are no longer…

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