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Classic, Simple, Natural Newborn Photography

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I was always taught that newborn photographers had to create specific poses of babies wearing adorable outfits, on colorful backdrops in unique props. So I studied with a famous newborn photographer that specialized in posing babies to learn how to safely put newborn babies into classic poses. However I wasn’t creatively fulfilled, something was missing. While my newborn work looked beautiful, it lacked the authenticity and emotion that I capture during my lifestyle sessions. Now I aim to capture the love a newborn’s parents feel and the details that make newborn babies truly unique with classic, simple, natural newborn photography.

Natural Newborn Sessions are Relaxed + Fun

Natural newborn sessions feel relaxed for both parents and babies. A newborn yearns to be comfy, full, warm and close to mom and dad. A low-stress environment allows for the best photo outcomes. Instead of worrying about the perfect sleeping pose, we catch your baby’s natural essence. My goal is to capture sentimental newborn portraits that will remind you of your child’s first days and their uniqueness. I believe that personality is noticeable from the very beginning and I want to document it.

Newborn Sessions that are Natural + Baby-Led

Your newborn baby is unique from all the other babies in the world. I believe newborn photos should capture how your baby liked to lay, how they held their arms, how they liked to scrunch up their fingers and stretch as they yawned. I want to document your baby’s adorable details for you to remember. Babies are perfect, just the way they are. A baby being a baby is enough for me! Unlike traditional, posed newborn photography, where babies are carefully posed into specific positions, natural, baby led posing allows your baby to show his or her natural movements and personality, which in my opinion leads to more personal images with your newborn babies personality shining through.

Newborn Sessions that Capture Connection 

I believe all parents look beautiful, comfortable, and relaxed when snuggling their newborn baby. When you are with your baby, joy and beauty radiate from you. If you have older children, I’ll ask big brother or sister to interact with baby in the way that’s natural and comfortable to them. This makes for a session that is more enjoyable for everyone! My newborn photography style has evolved into a classic, timeless, documentary approach. I use light and composition to capture your family in a simple, beautiful and professional way. It’s the joy. The love. The endless emotion you feel for your baby, that I want to capture in portraits to last forever. It’s priceless.

Natural Newborn Sessions are Safe

Newborn babies are precious and fragile little humans. They need to be cared for and protected. In the studio, I only place them in comfortable positions on a daybed to allow them to wiggle, stretch, and move in natural ways. Your baby will be cozy, warm and safe while either wearing a simple onesie or being wrapped in a swaddle. I aim to let him/her lay how they are most comfortable and simply position them to capture every detail beautifully.

What You Can Expect at a Newborn Session 

While most babies sleep during their newborn sessions, it is not essential. Since the heat will be turned up in the studio, it’s best to dress in layers. My ultimate goal as a newborn photographer is to create classic, timeless images that remind you of all the emotions and details of your baby. All of the newborn photos that I capture are as unique as your baby.

Babies grow so quickly. In a blink of your eye the little bundle you once held so tightly in your arms, is walking arms stretched out to discover everything around them. I love that photography allows us to make life’s most enjoyable moments standstill! These images should be displayed in your home as a wonderful reminder of how small they once were, that’s why every package I offer includes print credit for you to receive beautiful prints from a professional lab.

You baby is only little for a short time. Don’t miss it. Book your newborn session.


Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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