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5 Tips for an Amazing Newborn Lifestyle Photo Shoot

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5 Tips for an Amazing Newborn Lifestyle Photo Shoot

If I’m being honest, one of my favorite moments to capture as a photographer is those first few weeks of a newborn’s life spent with their new families. There is something so emotional, pure and new that I can’t help reminiscing of my own little ones when they were that age. I am always thankful for the opportunity to document the first little precious moments of your family and home. 

1. Search for a Space with Light in Your Home

This could be any room with access to natural light in your home. This can be the master bedroom, nursery, living room, etc. Typically the best time of day to photograph in one’s home is at 10:00 a.m. We’ll turn off the lights and use only the natural sunlight to fill your room. Additionally, don’t stress about cleaning up the entire house… well if you are from Pittsburgh I guess I should say red up, because after all you just had a baby! We will aim to shoot in three rooms/spaces.

2. Choose an Outfit that is Stylish and Comfortable 

I understand the temptation of full glam, but believe me when I say comfort is preferred. Go for something classic, flattering and comfortable. Try to stay away from bold prints, logos, or anything that might detract from the focus of the photos… you and your newborn! Your baby will most likely stay in a diaper or be dressed in a simple solid colored onesie, muslin, or neutral wraps. 

3. Relinquish Control over the Uncontrollable 

Unlike toddlers and older children, it’s quite impossible to use the reward system, but there are some other tricks we can utilize. A dream newborn baby for the photo shoot is sleepy and peaceful. We can achieve that through the baby being well fed, so your newborn can sleep during a majority of the photos. Additionally, try to be strategic with any older siblings in the house. I recommend taking the sibling/family photos first and then letting the siblings relax, take a nap, or have a babysitter watch them for a duration of the session. 

4. Deep Breaths

Lifestyle sessions last around two hours and can be a roller coaster of emotions for you, so allow yourself some grace. You will feel excitement, wonder, exhaustion, and love, so remember that breaks are okay. Take the time to be comfortable and it will reflect in the family photos… I promise. Treat the session as if I am a guest in your home for a short while. Let this time reflect the genuine emotions that your family experiences. Remember, at the end of the day, this is all meant to capture the here and now, so do not stress about manufacturing the perfect image, but instead focus on an atmosphere reflective of your new and growing family!

5. Keep it Personal 

One of the wonderful parts about your newborn lifestyle session is that your photos are unique to your home and style, completely original and unlike any other family. Embrace it! Incorporate the cool and unique aspects of your family traditions and I promise you will cherish the photos forever. 

I hope that these five tips have proven to make you excited in anticipation of your upcoming photo shoot, or have encouraged you to book a session because you realize this style of family photos is right for you. Wherever you are, comment  below which of these tips helped you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me


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