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‘From Farm to Face’, Why I Love Organic Skincare

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It was a crisp fall morning when I met a friend, Amy, of Green Balanced Gal, for coffee. Amy is a health coach, who helps women lead balanced and healthy lives. On this particular morning, I was hoping she would spill the tea on her own skin care routine. I was curious because not only does her skin glow, but she is an avid researcher who knows the safest products on the market. My own moisturizer, I had recently learned, contained harmful chemicals and had bleached away my freckles! 🙁 If you are curious about your skin care products, research them at EWG’s skin deep guide. Lucky for me, Amy described her simple routine to me. I quickly adopted it as my own and my skin has never looked or felt better! I asked Amy to share her story with my community. Read on if you’d like to learn Amy’s natural “From farm to face” tips! – Laura

Organic skincare, Evan Healy
Organic skincare, Evan Healy

College with a side of Unbalanced Skin

Oh how bad I wanted ‘perfect skin’.  You know, the radiant glow that one has when the balance between dry and oily is just right?! Bouncing between academics, dance team, social events, and all that college has to offer, while wasting too much time, attempting to remedy the unbalanced mess that my skin had become. While it didn’t always look flawed, it didn’t feel healthy – usually too dry or too oily. My bathroom tote was exploding with the latest face scrub, repair mask, pore strips, and astringents. You can bet, if they promised ‘healthy skin’ I would try it. These products became part of my morning and evening routines. I was determined to crack the code to unlock vibrant skin! I tried all kinds of products, from expensive department store brands to drugstore products, but nothing seemed to work.

My skin got better over time, but remained unpredictable. As I launched my career, I began making subtle changes to my diet and lifestyle and while far from optimal, my skin began to improve. It wasn’t consistent, but progress! I enjoyed the typical grab-and-go convenient standard American diet and began to connect the dots. What I ate, did factor into what my skin was ‘telling me’.  With a far way to go, my eyes were starting to awaken to the world of whole wellness.

Personal branding portrait of a health coach shopping for plants in a greenhouse

‘Farm to Table’, Why Not Farm to Face?

As a thriving, busy rising professional, my schedule was full.  The fast pace continued and while I was climbing the corporate ladder, my health began to decline. A cancer diagnosis was the kickstart to reassess it all. I began questioning ‘why did my body fail me’? What I didn’t realize at the time, it didn’t fail me. It was operating based on how I was caring for it. An amazing doctor I met with after my diagnosis, used the analogy of the bucket, explaining to me, our bodies are like a bucket, we can keep filling it up with unhealthy factors and eventually, just like a full bucket, it will overflow. It was true for me, lots of factors contributed to a bucket that hit its limit.

Cue in the master label reader! I began studying, reading, and learning how to best nourish my body. I learned how to become a well-rounded owner of my health. Nutrition was a large focus, but I questioned – if farm to table is ideal for what we put in our body, why is it not as emphasized on what we put on our body? In fact, our skin is our largest organ, what we put on it gets absorbed. In Ancient Chinese Medicine, face mapping shows the connection to organs and blemishes. So all those years with unbalanced skin, was actually my body trying to talk to me?! It wasn’t just what I applied to the outside of my skin, it was also what was happening inside too.  As I altered many areas of my life, for the better, my skincare regimen changed and that radiant skin, I had once dreamed about, arrived! The best part, I stumbled upon a skincare line that exceeded my expectations, by a woman who was a walking advertisement.

branding portrait of health coach, Green Balanced Gal, standing on a farm
branding portrait of health coach, Green Balanced Gal, standing among flowers

A Barista’s Skin was Radiant

After cancer treatment, I would frequent a local juice and coffee bar when I was seeking a special healthy treat. Many staff were seasoned health coaches too and it wasn’t uncommon to dive into a conversation about health and wellness. I got to know the women better and it wasn’t uncommon that we’d share the latest tips and tricks of what we were reading or studying. The one barista had skin that practically glowed! The best way to describe it, her skin just ‘looked healthy’! The best part, she never wore make-up! Her skin was vibrant and breathing. She ate clean but also shared her secret about her skincare regimen! She had been using a brand called Evanhealy. I went home and researched this brand and I was intrigued.

Why Evanhealy is my Favorite

In one of the first videos I watched, Evan Healy, the co-founder and holistic beauty expert and aesthetician said the phrase ‘Farm to Face’ when describing the company’s mission. She developed this skin care line based on her years of experience as an holistic aesthetician and her refusal to use products that contained petrochemicals, exfoliating acids, ‘fake’ natural scents, and toxic, synthetic ingredients. She was speaking my language! 

When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends and newest products, but at they believe that simple is better.

Here’s what I learned (and continue to love):

  1. Less is more. Their simple skincare products are made with a minimal number of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that work together to nourish and protect the skin. 
  1. Simple yet effective. By using fewer ingredients, the products are more potent and effective. There’s no unnecessary fragrances or ingredients for the skin to try to process or filter.
  1. Easy to use. The skincare line is easy to use, with simple instructions that are clear. You won’t need to spend hours trying to figure out the best way to use their products, which is especially beneficial for busy working women. 
  1. Suitable for a variety of skin types. Their simple combinations of all-natural ingredients are suitable for most skin types, from oily-to-dry, sensitive-to-mature. 
  1. Ethical and sustainable. The skincare products are made with natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients, which are not only better for your skin, but also safe for the environment too.

Where to Begin

The clean, natural, and vibrant scents of Evanhealy products have turned my bathroom into a wellness sanctuary. It can be overwhelming to know what to buy or where to begin when starting a new skincare regime. Below are the three products that I use every morning and evening, for a simple routine. From there, depending on your skin type and individual skincare needs, you can expand your selections. 

  1. Cleanser – I begin by washing my face with the Tea Tree Gel facial cleanser. I prefer this cleanser because I personally like gel based cleansers more than creams based cleansers, mostly for the feel after it’s rinsed off. This product can be used at your bathroom sink or even in the shower. 

During my routine, I wet my face with warm water. Then, using the tips of my hands, I lather  ½ – 1 pump of the cleanser and gently massage my face and neck – a little bit goes a long way! After I’ve thoroughly washed the desired areas of my face, I rinse with warm water. 

  1. Oil & Water Purifying RitualWhile many skincare lines strip and harm the natural barrier on the skin, Evanhealy nurtures it. This was something I noticed immediately! A daily skin ritual of Evanhealy is their oil and water routine. 

This step begins after I pat my clean skin dry with a towel. I add 1-2 pumps of facial oil to the palm of my hand. (I’m currently using the Rosehip Treatment Facial Oil, because it helps to balance and regenerate the skin. This is helpful for cold winter weather and dry indoor air.) After, I add the HydroSoul to the palm with the oil, usually spraying 4 – 7 sprays. It’s a watery texture, now combined with the oil. (I’ve paired the Rosehip Treatment Facial Oil with the Rose Geranium HyroSoul.) Finally I rub in my hands, until the oil and water is mixed well. Last, I distribute between my cheeks, forehead and chin. 

I learned that when our skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil to compensate. And that’s when breakouts happen. When our skin is hydrated and balanced, it produces less oil, and the skin looks clear and healthy. All those years, I had it all wrong. I have been using‘s skincare for a while now, and my skin has never looked or felt better. I am a firm believer that balancing water and oil is essential when it comes to skincare. I highly recommend their products to anyone looking for a natural and effective skincare routine.

Ready to Take the Next Step on Your Wellness Journey?

branding portrait of Pittsburgh based health coach, Green Balanced Gal

Clean skincare is just one piece of the puzzle. Instead of trying to figure out how to find whole balanced wellness on your own, I would love to work with you as your Integrative Health Coach! Let’s explore how you can make basic improvements and implement gradual changes that over time will accumulate!

For more information about The Green Balanced Gal Wellness Program, reach out today to learn more about how, together, we can create your personal wellness blueprint, decipher your body’s unique needs, and set your sustainable goals.


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