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Maybe you just found out you’re expecting and can’t wait to schedule a newborn session that captures your family’s new addition, or maybe you gave birth a week ago and are frantically trying to book a session before your baby’s rosy cheeks and cute—albeit wrinkly—face starts to grow up!

No matter where you are on the spectrum, all new parents and newborn photography clients have a common denominator—an authentic love for their family and little one that they want captured through high-end, heirloom portraits that they’ll cherish for years to come. 

As you search for the newborn photographer that’s right for your family, focus on someone that holds the same values as yourself when it comes to newborn portraits. I can’t speak for all Pittsburgh Newborn Photographers, but I can speak for Laura Mares Photography and what I stand for. I focus on photographing emotive portraits that convey love, joy, peace, and contentment. I strive to capture the feeling of home, the sleepy realization that you’re truly happy while watching your partner change your newborn’s diaper! I believe that those authentic moments mean much more to families than elaborate, posed portraits with props, backdrops, accessories, and intricate posing that don’t tap into the universal feeling of what it means to be a new parent of a little one. 

If that’s what you value, then you’ve found your photographer! If not, keep on looking and you’re sure to find the photographer that fits your unique values and wants when it comes to your Pittsburgh Newborn Session. 

As for Laura Mares Photography, I usually split the session into four parts:

  • Individual baby portraits
  • Candid and authentic family portraits
  • Family portraits with grandparents, siblings, or pets
  • All the cute, little details 

Let’s talk a bit more about what those sections look like in action!

Individual Baby Portraits

I start the session with individual baby portraits, as it’s usually the most important part for most families! I love to take minimalistic photos of your baby with a white background. These shots purely focus on your child’s unique expressions and skin texture, and strive to be a time capsule of your little one at this young age. Families then love to add in swaddles, meaningful blankets, and cute little hats. Adding little details from Etsy or something crocheted by a great-grandma are great ways to cater the portraits to you and your child while focusing on uniqueness. 

Candid and Authentic Family Portraits

I focus on candid photos of joy in your home, or in my studio. If you’re still unsure whether you’d like to book a Newborn Lifestyle session or a Newborn Studio session, feel free to read more of my blogs, attached here: 

I focus on candid portraits by often telling my clients to look at each other rather than the camera. This facilitates a more natural environment that closely models all those special snuggles and laughs that you share on a normal day! If your master bedroom has a lot of natural light, I usually take the whole-family shot there so you and your partner can comfortably hold your little one in a relaxing space. Overall, for candid and authentic family portraits, I want to focus on documenting your emotion as you cradle your little one or sing your favorite song to them. 

Family Photos with Grandparents, Siblings, or Pets

Next, I add in any extra members of the family that want to be featured! We’ll do different combinations of just the baby and a grandparent, sibling, or pet and then the whole group, or group + parents. This will last as long as the newborn is still happy and enjoying the session. When adding in pets or siblings, we’ll try out just the newborn and their little friends, but sometimes dogs are easily spooked and want mom + dad to stay nearby. So, I’ll have all of you near a window or cuddled up on the bed. When adding in toddlers and big siblings, I never strive for perfect poses and smiles. Instead, I love giggles, tickles, and photographing all those special sibling moments. 

Detail Shots

Detail shots are taken throughout the photosession and are all of those intimate, candid moments that are usually overlooked in the chaos. I’m talking about little toes, your puppy licking the toddler, or layered hands hugging the newborn. These detail shots highlight the quiet moments, and are usually more creative and unique, tailored to your individual family and home. 


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Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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