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Is a Lifestyle Session Right for Me?

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Is lifestyle photography right for my family? 

A recent movement in newborn and family photography is to have photo sessions in your own home. This allows for a more natural, comfortable atmosphere that accentuates the raw, authentic emotion of your family. I’ve fallen in love with this style of photography as it captures the special, candid magic of the every day moments. It also varies for every family! For example, I’ve captured everything from pizza dough throwing, gingerbread cookie making, to tie tossing! Choosing a Lifestyle session is a great way to have beautiful images that capture your family as you are right now. However, there are some misconceptions and stresses behind lifestyle sessions so I decided to write this blog post to clarify! 

What if my house is a mess? 

This is a common source of stress and anxiety for many families, but I want to assure you I have no intent of judging your home! As a mom of three I completely understand the hectic nature of maintaining a clean house and keeping track of young kids. So, I recommend focusing your efforts on cleaning or just organizing three spaces with access to natural light! Once I get to your house I can help choose the best spots for your photos. And then we are good to go! It’s also important to not become consumed by the stress of cleaning your home. Instead of focusing on making everything look perfect, take the time to prepare fun activities for your family to do during the session and plan out coordinating outfits! I’ve linked some of my favorite brands, like these gender neutral knotted outfits from Lou Lou and Company or these sleeper gowns from Goumi

What if my kids don’t get along? 

Through trial and error, I’ve learned that the best way to circumvent sibling squabbles is to make sure your little ones have something to look forward to! Plan an ice cream date for after the photo shoot, or even decide to bake a treat during the session! By creating an atmosphere of calm and excitement, your kids will most likely be more that eager to have smiles for the camera! Lastly, take the time to inform and prepare your children for the session and let them know that a photographer will be coming over to spend a couple hours with your family! A lot of problems arise when kids are caught off guard and don’t understand why they should be behaving for the session! 

What if I I’m uncomfortable with the skin I’m in? 

I strive to find flattering angles and lighting for all shapes and sizes! Don’t stress about how you look, and focus on the love you feel for your family! I guarantee that your joy will make you look beautiful in the photos. I also recommend taking some time before the session to get your hair done and apply some makeup and just overall some “me” time to make sure you feel your best! Lastly, I stress the importance of wearing flowy, flattering fabrics like modal or prima cottons! And if you aren’t up for a dressy look? It’s 2021, Lleisure wear is more than acceptable! 

What Should I Expect? 

Expect a calming atmosphere for the natural lifestyle session in your Pittsburgh home! Once I come in to your home I’ll take the time to get to know you are listen to some of your expectations for the session. We’ll then determine which rooms have the best natural light and I’ll turn off any artificial light sources.  I might ask you to turn on your family’s favorite music and we’ll start to photograph! 

How I do to Prepare? 

Prepping for your session may appear to be a daunting task, but don’t stress! Once you book your session, I’ll send you a welcome magazine to provide you with a few simple steps to guide you through preparing for your session! Make sure to alleviate as much stress during the session day as possible. Plan out what hobbies or activities your family will do during the session, and map out what rooms you want to use. If it’s a newborn lifestyle session, gather pacifiers and items from your changing station so you have everything you’ll need in one spot! Prepare a back up outfit and have diapers and a sound machine ready. Above all else, make sure to treat your upcoming lifestyle session as an exciting day for your family, not a moment of stress and uncertainty. I’m a firm believer in setting a healthy mindset. 

I hope that these answers to some frequently asked questions help prepare you for your upcoming lifestyle family session here in Pittsburgh! 

Best, Laura 


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