High School Senior and Family Interview

South Park Mary and I first met while we were sitting on the field watching our kids play on the same T ball team. Quickly I began to look forward to spending our afternoon afternoons together because of her warm personality and welcoming smiles. Soon I learned that she was an actress and her family recently moved to Pittsburgh. I have enjoyed running into Mary over the years at anything from walks in the neighborhood to Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Her family is full of unique and creative individuals that were a joy to photograph! Be sure to view to the bottom to see how we ended our session! What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? We enjoy the museums, the hills, the schools and most of all —the people in Pittsburgh! Write 3 adjectives that describe your family. Our family is friendly, creative, and outdoorsy. What…

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Newborn Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Katie and Morgan warmly welcomed me into their historic and picturesque home on a cold winter morning. I enjoyed touring their beautifully decorated space looking for the best locations and lighting to capture this loving family. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about their lives and travels during the lifestyle photo shoot. As I was leaving I caught a glance at a witch above their kitchen sink. It reminded me of a witch my husband and I had received as a wedding gift from a friend that lives in the south. I was so curious about it. We laughed and googled to learn that it is a German tradition and she brings good luck to your home. I'm now curious how common kitchen witches are. Let me know if you have one too in the comments below. I hope you enjoy hearing Katie and Morgan story! How did you two meet? I was…

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Family Session Interview – Pittsburgh Family Photographer

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This family is everything you hope for as a family portrait photographer. They are kind, natural and adventurous! We met during golden hour on a beautiful evening, in a beautiful park near Sewickley. Evan recommended the park and I'm so glad he did. It has a convenient parking lot and varied options for natural/wooded backdrops. The light has stunning light during golden hour. In addition to the beautiful light, weather and location, it was also a special treat to celebrate Raphael's first birthday with the family during our portrait session! I hope you enjoy "meeting" this family through their interview and portraits below. How did you and your spouse meet? We met at work, which was at Nordstrom (Ross Park Mall) back in 2008 and started dating in 2009. We married in 2014 and welcomed Raphael in 2019. What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area? The distinctive Pittsburgh…

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Family Session Interview – Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Today's blog features a recent Lifestyle family session. I loved photographing this wonderfully unique family for a myriad of reasons. The dad is Irish so his go-to technique for getting giggles was to do an Irish jig! The mom fostered a loving home environment for the family. How fun! I loved visiting their beautiful home and hearing their many travel stories. I enjoy being a lifestyle photographer because it allows me to meet families like this and capture raw, authentic moments from their daily life. An added bonus during this family's session, was that I got to hear the family speak a little Gaelic! How did you and your spouse meet? We met in Green Harbor, MA, outside of Boston. I was living there at the time and Micheal was visiting friends. Describe your family. Micheal is from the West Coast of Ireland and I'm from all over the East Coast…

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Pittsburgh Portrait Locations – Frick Park in Point Breeze

Pittsburgh Portrait Locations - Frick Park in Point Breeze Today I'm excited to write about Frick Park, it is another beautiful outdoor location for portraits in Pittsburgh. Isn't truly an iconic Pittsburgh location? Situated in the heart of the Point Breeze, Frick Park is Pittsburgh’s largest historical regional park. Frick Park is a wonderful place to photograph seniors, families and children. The park is large and offers plenty of space for seniors/families to move around. I love the beautiful lines in the architecture and as well as the landscaping. Frick Park offers many highlights for a portrait location: It is conveniently located, easily accessible and presents a large variety of background for your portraits. For this particular session we parked near The Frick Museum and walked to the picturesque stone arch at the park entrance. After capturing a few family portraits near the entrance, we continued to walk toward the open…

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Differences between Lifestyle and Portrait Photography Sessions

Differences between Lifestyle and Portrait Photography Sessions I’ve received this query from a few of my clients over the years, so I decided to share my thoughts on this common question.  At-Home Lifestyle What is a Lifestyle Session?  The basic outline of a lifestyle family session is an at-home, personalized photo shoot. I often tell families to explain it to their children as a friend coming over to visit and she'll take photos as well. I have the opportunity of experiencing one day of your family’s life and you have the freedom of choosing how to spend it! This can be anything from making a pizza, a tie fashion show, or a tickle fight! Not sure what your family should do for the photo session? Hold a family meeting with the kids and get some creative input! However, if you want the feel of a lifestyle shoot, but don’t want your…

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Why In Home Lifestyle Photography?

Why in home lifestyle photography? Lifestyle photography is a beautiful way to celebrate the unique seasons of your family, like the birth of your newborn, your baby turning one, or your family cooking pizza together. I love in home lifestyle sessions! Staying in your own home for your newborn (or family) session is natural, authentic and comfortable. Isn't there something extra special about having your family photographed in your own space and truly capturing your daily life? In home lifestyle sessions mean you don't need to pack up or go anywhere This is especially beneficial when you’ve just brought home a new baby because odds are, you’re exhausted and the idea of packing up the van to have photos taken feels overwhelming. Another bonus is that children generally feel safe and comfortable in their own home. In home newborn and family sessions capture your life In home sessions are great for…

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Jewelry + Fashion Tips to Look Your Best at Your Next Photo Shoot

Are you overwhelmed about deciding what to wear to your upcoming photoshoot? As a Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer, I enjoy planning my own family's outfits for photoshoots but I realize that this can cause stress for others! I was recently at a Premier Designs Jewelry open house where my friend, Natalie Shiff, gave great tips on what to wear and how to wear it! Natalie is a mama of five, lives in Mt. Lebanon and likes to help women elevate their look. I asked if she'd share tips for the blog. Natalie agreed and said, Laura, "It all begins with a simple 1,2,3!" I hope you find Natalie's tips helpful while you are planning what to wear to your next portrait session and if you are looking to update your jewelry please find Natalie's contact info below. :) Begin with a simple 1-2-3! 1. Start with Staples Classic tops, tanks, solid dress, neutral colors Great colors for tops: white, ivory, blush, gray, tan,…

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5 Tips from a Pittsburgh Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

5 Tips from a Pittsburgh Newborn Lifestyle Photographer  It truly is a blessing to be able to document the early, precious first days of a newborn's life as home. Today I'd like to share some of my tried-and-true strategies for a successful newborn lifestyle session.  1. Play Relaxed Music I was raised by two musicians and my brother is a musician too! When I was growing up our family life revolved around music performances. To this day I appreciate music. I believe it’s always helpful to play calming music to set the atmosphere and make my clients feel comfortable. A couple of my favorite Amazon Prime playlists are coffee shop jazz, acoustic chill and relaxing classical cello. Some of my favorite artists to listen to during family photo shoots are Jason Mraz, Lemmon & Maisy, Simon and Garfunkel, Lucio Battisti and classical music and folk pop in general. It’s interesting to…

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Our Quarantine Lifestyle in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GiXmOCfiTU Making the Most of our Family Time at Home Through technology we can now bring the world into our home to explore with our family. I've been joking with my husband that our home has turned into a one room schoolhouse! We have a high schooler, middle schooler and kindergartener. It is not uncommon to quickly transition from a conversation about politics to comics. Although it can be crazy in our home at times, it provides our family with a unique perspective of "home schooling" with such a span of ages in our children! National Geographic K-12 Learning National Geographic states, "Schools are closed. Learning is open." Your children can choose lessons based on subjects or grade level. My kids have been checking out the storytelling and photography section. Bringing the Zoo to You The Pittsburgh Zoo is able to bring the zoo home to you. Check out the Penguin…

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