The Difference Between a Senior Session and Class Pictures

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The Difference Between a Senior Session and Class Pictures

I have listened to the thoughts of many who were on the edge between taking the plunge and hiring a senior photographer, and every time I tell them this, senior year is a special time.

Your child has outgrown their baby blanket, and is preparing to take on the world. It’s an emotional, and wild ride for both parents and seniors! The purpose of the senior session is to celebrate all your child has accomplished during their time at school and home, and a way to remember it as they continue on to a new life in college and beyond. It’s a great time to get together and bond with your child through picking out the photographer, choosing outfits, location, and just an overall great transition to their final year at home. It’s a moment students look forward to, and something to take your mind off of the stress of change.

When I look back and remember my own senior portraits, it’s nothing like what is provided now a days. Modern and timeless, my brand provides the perfect heirloom and tribute to your child’s accomplishments.  I never do stiff, awkward poses, but try to make every client feel comfortable in their own skin, and ready to embrace their unique style and personality. I love getting to get to know every senior on a personal level, and the let them feel confident and ready to embrace the next chapter in their life. It’s so fun to travel to new places and get to learn about the locations that have been special to your child’s journey.

This is something you will never get out of the traditional studio light and a stiff “one two three… cheese”. I’ve gone to a multitude of locations, each one unique. From an alpaca farm, to a garden, to the city, to the forests, to art districts, I’ve had the blessing of having experience in shooting at pretty much any location you could desire.

As you and your child are debating and choosing the photographer for you, I want to remind you that choosing to have Senior Portraits done professionally will  be an experience you will never forget. All through grade school every student has the classic year book photo taken to mark a new year. But senior portraits are a crowning jewel, a photo album to represent all the ways your child has grown into an adult and have become their own individual. In short, their is a major difference between senior and class pictures, and no one has ever regretted purchasing a senior portrait session from Laura Mares Photography. But once your senior year is over, you could regret not having portraits taken!


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