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6 Tips to Help you Prepare for your Head Shot Session

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Need updated professional business portraits? Read on for six tips to help you prepare for your head shot session.

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1. What to Wear

Whether you are going for a more casual or formal look, focus on what features your brand and personality. Avoid graphics, stripes and patterns on your shirt. Solid colors photograph best. Consider wearing what you would wear to work on a typical day. 

2. Rest, relax and prepare to smile!

You want to look your best and appear warm and friendly in your business portraits.

3. Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence photographs really well! Eye contact is one of the most important ways for people to connect. It also helps to show that you are friendly, likable and relatable.

4. Inspiration

Show me any photographs that could serve as inspiration for your the photoshoot.

5. Background and Lighting

Think about where your business portraits are going to be used. Do you need a landscape, square or portrait crop? Would you prefer a black background, white background or some of each?

6. Your Best Side

Do you know your best side? If so, be sure to let me know, so I can focus on that side! Additionally, do you have facial features that you would like emphasized or deemphasized? We can work on that. Love your dimple? Hate your teeth? No worries, just let me know! I also recommend practicing your smile/expression in the mirror. Practice a full smile, half smile and neutral expression!

If you’re interested in booking a professional business photography session for yourself or your brand, please get in touch!


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