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Ella and Tutu in Prague

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Ella and Tutu are spending their day in the most beautiful city of the world, Prague. The two are very excited, and Tutu is jumping and spinnning for joy! The friends have visited Prague a few times before, but this trip will be different because they are adding new stops to the agenda… they want to visit their dear friend, buy a new souvenir, see Strahov Library, and have a fancy beverage at a restaurant overseeing the city of Prague.

The two enjoy the beautiful Charles Bridge and realize other people must enjoy it as well, because the bridge is quite full. Musicians and artists share their talents to the passerby’s, and the two girls emerse themselves in the cultural activities. They are serenaded by the talented Czech musicians. Unable to stop their feet, they start to dance to their favorite song, “Moma Mia!” They gift the entertainers with lots of Crowns.

After walking for quite awhile, the travelers find a quiet spot to sit and sample their Merci chocolates. They watch the other tourists and civilians pass by, and imagine all the wonderful places they could be heading…. perhaps the market square or an elegant resturant. They are thankful that Ella’s family gave them this scrumptious gift of chocolates so that they could enjoy it during their day trip.

The two are elated to realize that the next stop is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Tutu really loves the beautiful cars and overall magical elegance that Prague seems to house, and wonders if she could stay in this fairy-tale city forever.

Ella and Tutu stop at the famous Krtek store and visit their friend whom they haven’t seen in a while. Krtek is the equivalent of the American Mickey Mouse and Ella has grown up watching his very cute TV shows. In these short films, krtek teaches Ella to be kind and to explore and admire all that nature has to offer. Additionally, she learns Czech through the interactions the little mole has with his animal friends. They are both very excited to see all of the merchandise dedicated to the little mole. After their visit, Krtek advises them on where to next explore in the city. He suggests that the young girls visit the Havelska Market.

At the market, the friends admire all of the merchants’ beautiful dolls and puppets. After all, Czechia is famous for their handcrafted wooden marionettes. Every animal and carton character imaginable is crafted into a tangible friend for Czech children to enjoy. Ella spots a majestic mermaid and asks daddy to reach it for her. She decides to purchase the wooden toy with her souvenir money and cuddles the new friend close, promising to show her all the beautiful parts of Prague, allowing her to travel the world with her.

Ella also purchases some berries for the girls to snack on as they begin their next adventure, finding the midivil Strahov library. While enjoying the fresh forest berries, the girls giggle and laugh as they stroll down the market aisles.

Tutu uses her superior sleuthing skills and searches up and down the characterized streets of old town. At last she finds what she had been looking for!

Ella is shocked! While Ella has been looking for the library, silly Tutu has been dreaming of treats! Tutu decides that they are deserving of a trdelnik, or chimney cake. Ella reluctantly agrees to another stop. The two enter the small, sweet smelling shop and purchase one trdelnik to share. They request one filled with ice cream and grin as they lick the sugary dough and cream.

Ella squeals with excitement when she realizes that a teal moped is parked outside of the pastry shop. Ella is happy to realize that she can rent this beautiful bike to reach their next destination much quicker! They are quite happy over their good fortune.

Tutu and her other stuffed friends hitch a ride in their own automobile and follow Ella in pursuit of the historical library. Tutu sets sights upon the old library, and the two begin to park just outside their long desired destination.

The girls walk up the stairs to enter together. The beautifully decorated library takes their breath away, and Ella and Tutu are thoroughly impressed with the painstakingly painted walls.

Gazing through the thick glass frames, Ella admires the midivil Bibles and imagines the monks in their cathedral, properly copying the verses and illustrating the tales.

Content with their full day of sightseeing in Prague. The girls decide to stop for beverages, their final adventure, with their family just around the corner at the beautiful restaurant on top of the hill overlooking Prague.

Ella and Tutu split an apple juice and reminisce of the best parts of their day, content with their ability to fulfill all of their ambitions for the trip. They visited with Krtek, purchased a mermaid souvenir, experienced the well visited library, Strahov, and finished their day overlooking the beautiful, almost dream-like, red roofs of Prague. Sipping their apple juice, they begin to wonder where they will travel next.

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