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Laura’s Interview with Camera Geeks

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What is Camera Geeks?

Camera Geeks is a new site that interviews professional photographers. They aim to know the person behind the camera. I was recently interviewed for their website. Their mission is based on Ansel Adams’ famous quote, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” Terry and Danielle, of Camera Geeks, are curious what exactly it takes to make a great photographer if it isn’t the gear.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. – Ansel Adams

My Experience with Camera Geeks

I first met Danielle when I photographed her beaufiul family in my home studio for their holiday portraits. Months later a new mom was requesting recommendations on Facebook for newborn photographers. Danielle recommended me by writing, “Laura Mares is phenomenal with baby photos. I didn’t find her until my kids were a little older but seeing her work made me want to have another baby just to have her take photos!” Our photo session occurred when her little ones were already in Elementary School, so I never had the opportunity to photograph her newborn babies. Danielle’s comment might just be the sweetest compliment I’ve ever received!

My Takeaways from the Interview

One statement from my interview with Camera Geeks was highlighted from the full text. It read, “I fell in love with the idea of documenting authentic moments.” It realized how this is truly the greatest motivation for my business. It’s so interesting how interviews cause you to answer questions you never ask yourself. I often say that I’m better with visuals than with words and I realized that this sentence sums me up very well!

If you are curious about what’s in my camera bag, what photographers I admire and what my dream photoshoot would look like, click here to read the full interview.

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