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Who to Invite to Your Senior Photo Session

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Choosing who to invite to your session photo session is an important choice! This blog post helps you decide who to invite, as well as some potential posing ideas. 

Surprise your biggest fan and invite your mom to take pictures with you! 

I always recommend bringing a parent to help during the session. They are so helpful with holding accessories and making seniors laugh! However, you might want to invite your mom or dad to be in some pictures with you! As a mom, I always cherish taking pictures with my children. So, I know that I would love if any of my children included me for a couple pictures during their senior photo sessions! I first got this idea when one of my clients, Bella, invited her mom along during the session and they even got some adorable pictures together. See photo posted below.

Inviting your mom to take pictures with you is great way to have some keepsake images with you and your mom and a tribute to your relationship today, while you are in high school! It’s also a sweet surprise, considering she is most likely paying for your session! Also, be sure to ignore her complaints that she “isn’t dressed right” or “needs more makeup!” I’m sure that she’ll be thrilled that you thought to ask.

Invite your furry friend for some snuggles! 

Bring your favorite pet! Be it dog, cat, or even alpaca, they are a great addition to your senior session. Inviting your pet is an awesome way to feel more comfortable during your session and unwind! It’s also a great testament to the furry friends in your life who made your high school years memorable. You can sit with your pet or bring along some toys to play fetch. 

Invite your best friend! 

Bringing along your gal pal or guy friend for a couple photos is a fun way to have high quality images to remember your important friendships during your teen years. Plus, close friends always find a way to make my seniors laugh out loud for some adorable candid shots! 

Pose ideas? 

For seniors who love to brainstorm pose ideas before the session, I’ve included some of my favorite prompts that I use to get gorgeous senior session shots. 

Pretend it’s a dance party! 
Squeeze super super tight! 
Tickle fight! 
Stand cheek to cheek!
Eskimo kiss! 

I hope this post helps you choose who to invite to your senior photo session in the Pittsburgh area! If you are looking to schedule your senior photo session, contact me here!

high school senior photo with a senior girl hugging her mom in a rustic field at sunset


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