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High School Senior Interview

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It’s exciting to feature the first senior of the class of 2023. Let me introduce a senior from Mt. Lebanon High School, a soccer player, dog lover and generally great guy, Owen. We met at my home studio for a formal yearbook portrait and traveled to a rural field that featured many shades of greens and a picturesque sunset.

What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area?

I enjoy that my family is all living here in Pittsburgh.

In your opinion, where is the best place to eat in Pittsburgh?

Sesame Inn Mt. Lebanon

What high school do you attend?

Mt. Lebanon High School

What are you looking forward to most during your senior year of high school?

My last high school soccer season.

If you could chose one word to describe your senior year, what would you chose?


How would your friends describe you?


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Playing soccer

What are your plans after your senior year of high school?

I plan to attend college after senior year.

If you could travel anywhere in the world after you graduate, where would you go?

I would go to Hawaii.

How did you decide what to wear for your senior pictures?

My mom helped me.

How did you chose Laura Mares Photography?

My mom found Laura Mares online.

What was the best part of your senior portrait session?

That it was relaxed.

What is your favorite photo from your senior portrait session?

My favorite photos are the ones with the soccer ball.

Would you like to schedule a senior portrait session?

I’d love to work with you!


Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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