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Ella and Tutu in the Scottish Highlands

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Ella & Tutu in the Scottish Highlands

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photographs by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer.

Ella and Tuttu in the Scottish Highlands

On this Scottish adventure, Ella and Tutu begin at a quiet Air B&B near the city of Inverness. With one look the girls immediately fall in love with the plain white stucco walls and pretty flower baskets in the front of the house. The man inside is a wonderful storyteller, and the girls listen entranced by his wondrous stories of the friendly old sailors who had lived in this very house many years before. 

After a perfectly wonderful night’s rest, the two head down the rickety old steps to the kitchen below. Tutu is excited to fill her artistically crafted bowl with her new favorite food… muesli! 

The two begin on their journey to their family’s castle, Castle Fraser, and are stunned by the beautiful view of the grounds surrounding the castle. 

Tutu decides that it would be the perfect chance to hold a mini dance party as the two twirl in front of the beautifully crafted castle below.  

The castle in ridden with thousands of artifacts from the families that lived in the home before. Ella explains how her grandmother’s maiden name is Frazer as well, and Tutu is astonished by the possibility of Ella’s royal blood. 

After exploring all the numerous floors and rooms of the castle, Tutu is quite tired from all the activities. She requests a quick nap in one of the royal bedchambers, but Ella refuses, explaining there is much more to discover! Tutu playfully groans, but agrees to more exploring. 

Mommy tells the excited girls that their next adventure is to the city Inverness, and the girls squeal with excitement. They are disappointed when they imagine the drive ahead, and pretend that they could simply jump towards the next destination! If only…

The girls stroll along the quiet streets, and admire the gorgeous buildings that are full of character. As they continue along, Ella’s belly rumbles in hunger and the two break into a fit of giggles. Tutu decides that it is time to stop for lunch.

Ella proposes that the two stop for Fish and Chips…after all, they are in Scotland!

The crispy fish and perfectly baked chips quickly satisfy the hungry girls, and they are soon ready to set off on the next adventure. 

As the two are traveling to see Nellie the Lochness monster, they glimpse a beautiful sculpture on the side of the road, called the Kelpies. Tutu is in awe of the ginormous artwork and begins to imagine that the magnificent horses were indeed alive, neighing their greeting to the young travelers.  

Daddy soon announces their arrival at the ruins, Urquhart Castle. Ella anxiously peers out the black telescope in the hopes of spotting the mysterious sea creature herself. 

As the wind playfully slips in and out of their hair and the trees above, the girls snuggle close in the depths of Ella’s jacket. 

Together, the two peer into the water, searching for any sign of the shy creature, but promply return, claiming that their journey was to no avail.  

Gazing through the huge entry way, the girls imagine the sight of men storming through the great walls in order to seize the castle inside, and reflect on the destruction that anger can have, for now the castle is nothing but a few remaining ruins. 

For the next stop, the girls venture up the mountains of Glenfinnan, admiring the lush nature surrounding them. 

Ella holds Tutu up towards the grand tracks, explaining that a wondrous train passes through everyday, bringing people to new places, and back to old ones. 

For the final stop in the highlands, the girls seek adventure in a beautiful place titled Glencoe. The wild flowers and lush rolling hills are true masterpieces and the girls admire them silently. 

The girls manage to climb one of the picturesque mounds and embrace the fresh air, claiming that “We’re on top of the world!” They love how the clouds kiss the mountains gently, lowering themselves in a friendly manner. 

After they dismount the beautiful mountain, they become lost in the lush wilderness, watching the small stream bubble and flow, a perfect example of nature. 

The girls say good-bye to the beautiful world of the Scottish Highlands, promising a return. 

Anna Mares

Hey, this is Anna Mares. I am an assistant Pittsburgh Photographer, and enjoy taking pictures and trying new foods while visiting exciting places. I love cooking and baking, and experimenting while creating new decor and other crafts. I have a passion for writing and sharing bits about myself and my experiences.

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