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Ella and Tutu on the Scottish Isles

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Ella & Tutu: On the Scottish Isles

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photographs by Laura Mares, Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer.

Today Ella and Tutu have decided to venture onto the secret isles of Mull and Iona. As Ella and Tutu shiver against the cold glass window, the two gaze into the endless blue sea before them, imagining all the fun yet to be had. Ella dreams of the beautiful nature the isles will hold, and Tutu of the new scrumptious desserts she will taste.  

As the ferry noiselly chugs onward, the two friends decide to discuss their excitement over a warm plate of a Full Scottish Breakfast.  Their mouths water as they taste the perfectly browned toast, grilled tomato, eggs, back bacon, sausage, tatties, and mysterious black pudding! 

Full Scottish Breakfast

At last! The two arrive on the isle of Mull, and begin the drive for the next ferry to take them to Isle of Iona. As they take deep breaths to inhale the crisp island air, the two dream up a life as fishermen, sailing to all corners of the world, pondering over deep thoughts as their boats tug them to secret coves as they search for new people to meet. 

Rural road in Scotland

As the two continue on their journey to the next port, they stumble upon some friendly highland cows. Daddy pulls the car over to allow the kiddish little girls to greet the cows and learn their names. They introduce themselves as Ella and Tutu: world travelers. The cows smile and moo in return, and Ella counts it as a mutual friendship. 

Highlander cow on Isle of Mull, Scotland

Finally they arrive at the port and anxiously await the arrival of the ferry that will carry them to the next adventure. The two dance over the rocks and salute each other as captains of their own boats, great friends meeting for an afternoon together. 

As the two peer outward from the foggy widows, they giggle in glee as they view the island coming into site. 

As the two skip into the island, they admire the magnificent rocky beaches, and the adorable little cottages that line alongside the coastline. 

Ella and Tutu become quite worried as they cannot seem to find the inhabitants of this dear island! As they wander through the mossy hidden passageways, they admire the beautiful blue sky above. 

Aghast, the two continue to search the island in pursuit of a small cafe to cater to Tutu’s overwhelming sweet tooth. Ella gestures to her 2 pence, and wonders how she can spend her coin if she can’t even find a store!

Triumphantly, Ella points to a sign she caught sight of admiss the brush! Excitedly, the two rush towards the sign, pondering all the wondrous things it could stand for!

The two squeal in excitement as their mouths begin to water… Tutu begins to name all the delicious delights she hopes the Hotel will serve. Ella giggles at Tutu’s foolishness, but skips alongside her as she follows the sign’s directions. 

A hop, skip, and a jump later, the two stumble upon the friendly doors of the Argyll Hotel.

Ella and Tutu decide to order a traditional Scottish High Tea, and begin to excitedly sip their expertly brewed tea.   

Gazing down upon their delicious scone topped with clotted cream and raspberry jam, the two squeal with excitement as their taste buds erupt in flavorful bursts. 

Tutu soon has a ridiculous amount of clotted cream plastered upon her smiling face, and in response, Ella’s loud, abnoxious laughter soon grants frowns from the proper Scottish ladies in the tea room.  

As the two finish their tea, they exit the tea room and head to their next adventure on the island. 

The two girls visit St. Oran’s Chapel, and solomely experience the quiet, dimly lit room inside. 

Alas, the girls sadly remember that their fun has come to an end as the ferry is soon to be arriving. With a farewell smile, the two exit through the chapel’s gate and begin their way to the port which will take them back to the Isle of Mull. Gazing above, they admire the giant mountains before them, untouched by the progressive hand of mankind. 

Even the sheep seem to realize that the girls adventure on the isle has come to an end as they trot onward to the gangway to see the smiling duo off on their journey. Ella and Tutu admire their fluffy fur and vow to come back again for a visit with their new friends. 

Anna Mares

Hey, this is Anna Mares. I am an assistant Pittsburgh Photographer, and enjoy taking pictures and trying new foods while visiting exciting places. I love cooking and baking, and experimenting while creating new decor and other crafts. I have a passion for writing and sharing bits about myself and my experiences.

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