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Our Quarantine Lifestyle in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

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Making the Most of our Family Time at Home

Through technology we can now bring the world into our home to explore with our family. I’ve been joking with my husband that our home has turned into a one room schoolhouse! We have a high schooler, middle schooler and kindergartener. It is not uncommon to quickly transition from a conversation about politics to comics. Although it can be crazy in our home at times, it provides our family with a unique perspective of “home schooling” with such a span of ages in our children!

National Geographic K-12 Learning

National Geographic states, “Schools are closed. Learning is open.” Your children can choose lessons based on subjects or grade level. My kids have been checking out the storytelling and photography section.

Bringing the Zoo to You

The Pittsburgh Zoo is able to bring the zoo home to you. Check out the Penguin and cheetah web cams, one wild place pod cast and education videos.

Doodle with Mo Williams

You can join Mo Williams in his home studio for drawing lessons and behind the scenes information on his adorable characters like Elephant and Piggy and the Pigeon. So far our daughter has been creating beautiful doodles, a fun board game for our family to play and created a short animation piece.

Explore our National Parks

Why not turn your home stay into a virtual trip and explore our national parks with your family! Google Arts & Culture and the U.S. national parks teamed up for families to be able to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Follow park rangers as you virtually explore breathtaking landscapes from Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah and Florida!

World Famous Museums

While you are staying home this spring, you could actually visit 12 World famous museums. Our family is planning to “visit” Musée d’Orsay, Van Gogh Museum, and the British Museum.

Netflix Party

You can still watch a movie with a friend while practicing social distancing. Check out Netflix Party on your computer’s Google Chrome browser With Netflix party you can synchronize your movie and chat while you watch.

Broadway at Home

Stream classic Broadway hits at home. Try it for free for a week and if you like it, sign up for the monthly or yearly plan. Can you believe it, you can now watch Les Miserables from your sofa!

Attend Ivy League Classes

Did you ever want to attend a college ivy league class? Now is a great time because Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia Universities, and the University of Pennsylvania offer free online classes. Choose from over 500 classes in various subjects including, but not limited to: programming, art & design, engineering, social studies, and computer science. 

I’d love to hear what your family is doing while staying and learning at home. Whatever you do, don’t be like this family on Facebook, “The Family Who Don’t do Anything!” lol


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